Why Success has Nothing to do with Education?

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Do you know that your success has nothing to do with your education? Many people won’t believe this because they go to school, learn, and think that Education is the only key to success. But let me tell you there are thousands of examples that prove that success has nothing to do with education.

Success has nothing to do with education

Why education is important?

You want to be successful and now you think that if success has nothing to do with your education then why are you studying? For God’s sake, don’t think that you should not study then.

Education is more important for your survival, though it doesn’t guarantee your success it is the most crucial thing in life.

Education is the key to success, not for providing you the idea of making money or growing popular in life. It is there to make you knowledgeable about something so that you can do and find incredible things related to it.

Education is the key to success

Major causes of Failure

There are several major causes of failure. One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of resigning when a person faces a temporary defeat in their life. Everyone is guilty of this mistake at least once in their life.

The great leaders of business, industry, finance, musicians, artists, poets, and writers became great because they developed the faculty of creative imagination.

You follow others instead of yourself

Another major causes of failure is the habit of copying other creation and inventions. You have been educated to make or do something which has never been done before, not to imitate others. If you want to be an upcoming most successful man/woman then you have to be an inventor, not the follower.

For instance, when a person uploaded a picture of himself on Instagram that goes viral, everyone thought that it can happen to them also, so they started doing the same thing but failed in acquiring the same position and fame of the person whom they copied.

A leader never copies and a follower never creates, that’s why a leader holds a special position in everyone’s heart. There’s only one in thousand who don’t copy others, rest they imitate others.

Have you ever heard a name, Thomas A. Edison? Of course, you have heard it thousands of times when you were in school. You won’t believe that Thomas A. Edison was not so educated and never been to any college but still the world’s leading inventor.

Steve Jobs, one of the richest men who only went to high school and dropped out of college. There’s another example, William Shakespeare. He left his schooling at the age of fourteen due to his father’s financial problems but still, we know him as the God of English.

Now, it should convince you that success is not beyond your reach, you can still be what you wish to be. If still it didn’t then go and find out the uneducated successful people in the history who have made a great change to the world and you’ll find many names that will leave you in shock.

Promotion of wrong information since childhood

Since your childhood, you’ve always been taught something wrong. People told you that if you don’t study, you fail and you will not get any job. They said “Without study, you cannot do anything” whereas the statement should be “If you don’t study you won’t get the idea of evolution”.

When you did something wrong, instead of making you aware most of the people compliment you with so many words like Coward, illiterate, mannerless, and vulgar.

In the 12 years of education do you learn something special which can guarantee you success? Something that can change your mind so that you can attract success towards you? No, even after studying for more than 12 years no one can guarantee you success. There is nothing that can guarantee your success.

Those 12 years are to prepare yourself for huge hurdles before success and to make you more confident, understanding, knowledgeable, and fearless. So that whenever you go to grab any opportunity you don’t miss them because of a lack of confidence or information.

With all the misinformation, superstition, myths, fear of losing, and fear of criticism in your life bag, you go on a success tour. Do you think it can help you? You have to throw everything out of your backpack and fill in good information.

What’s the definition of success

Many people define success as Fame, Money, Luxury, Wealth, Status, and expensive livings. Do you really think this is what success means?

Success means the accomplishment of those things what you’ve imagined. Success is just a word unless and until you don’t accomplish something. Each and every person faces success and failure in their life.

When you acquire something big it’s a stupendous success and when you acquire something small it is still a success. But a single excuse is sufficient for a person to discourage them from making any attempt to carry out the desire.

If you have read the book “Think and grow rich”, you would probably agree that success has nothing to do with education. There are many examples that show education is the key to success but it cannot guarantee your success for sure.

Small thinking vs Big thinking

Do you know your thoughts have a great impact on your success? Let me tell you one of the secrets of successful people, you would be amazed.

Most people develop an attitude of satisfaction when they achieve something similar to greatness. This gives them limited ideas and makes their creative thoughts limited.

When you think limited then you work limited, you achieve limited in life. More than 90% of people fail in life because they think small and get it easily, not because they think big and fail to achieve it.

So, never and ever think small rather always think big and work for it. There’s no power that can stop you to be successful.

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