Actual Reason Behind Why You Fail To Keep New Year’s Resolutions?

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why new year's resolutions fail

Do you know why new year’s resolutions fail badly, why you end up sticking with the same bad habits, and what’s the reason behind it? Stay tuned to find.

Yes, it could be tough but really not impossible to stick with resolutions and make ourselves a little bit restrictive to some stuff. But that restriction is neither a punishment nor killing of enjoyment from your life. 

There is a huge misconception among people and the misconception is when people think to bring a huge change to their lives, they need to put huge efforts at once. Like losing weight, people think they have to strictly follow a diet every day but wait here!!

No one has restricted you and you are not even going to get penalized. You can follow the path that suits you. Because healthily losing weight is a prolonged process, need some time for better results and you need not to hurry for that. 

Being over-ambitious results in frustration and reason for your failed resolutions.

Before planning your new year’s resolutions, there’s one must-do work you need to do. You need to figure out why new year’s resolutions fail and find out the reasons behind it. It is vital as it helps you to not repeat the same mistakes that you did before while keeping your resolutions. 

Here are 15 reasons why new year’s resolutions fail and the actual reasons behind it. 

1. Commitment to small actions 

Before dreaming to reach an outstanding position in any passionate field, you need to get committed to action to get the results. And before planning long-term goals, you need to make short-term goals as well because while walking a big step might make you fall badly but doesn’t happen the same with short steps, agree?

The small prolonged process makes you grab the perfect hold for the accomplishments of your long-term goals. Always commit to the idea of starting with small even if you’re getting nothing out of it or just small. 

Also, your long-term goals can break its realisticity of achievement but it doesn’t happen the same with short-term goals. So, to achieve long term goals, you must commit to small-term goals.

2. Dedication for the day 

Every day of every year is dedicated to one or more specific events like Valentine’s day, Christmas day, or New year. These days specifically describe the event that happens in the history of humans. People celebrate these special days and do something extraordinary to remember them for a long time. 

Since many people don’t consider their day as special, they don’t hold any will to do anything special or different. When you dedicate a day like a writing day, play day, wander day, or something then you target your mind to perform extraordinarily other than usual. This technique is very unpopular among us but if in use, it can be life-changing

The major common mistake is people usually wait for a reasonable, shiny, cloudy, or airy day to feel the vibes of productivity. In the search for the perfect carry out day, they end up just waiting until they don’t cultivate the seeds of motivations and inspirations.

3. Lack of written resolution

Have you ever made an effort to write down your goals? If no then this could be the reason behind why your new year’s resolutions fail? If yes, do you reach there over and over to make yourself aware of it or you just write them down not to open it after then? 

If you choose to write your goals, you must look at them once a week.

Many people make the mistake, they write down their goals and never switch back to it and that’s why they say that writing down goals doesn’t work. Some people make hundreds of goals and when they feel burdened they don’t focus on either of them.

Don’t make hundreds of resolutions and pressurize yourself. Just make 12 resolutions for 12 respective months and note down the conclusion, it won’t disappoint you for sure.

4. Unwilling to put more effort due to lack of required ingredients

People usually skip or replace their work with something easier when they don’t find the required ingredients. For example, it is so obvious, while making food of your favorite choice and suddenly you miss out on some ingredients, it won’t take much time to change your mind and switch to something else. 

The mistake here is people don’t want to put in a little more effort to get what they want and when they get something they have not wished for, they complain or curse their fortunes. If you don’t have an attitude to put in some more effort, you might become Mr. Darby of “Five Feet From Gold.”

Before New year, many people decide to possess a habit of regular exercise and when they don’t find a nearby gym, a silent place for meditation, or any kind of park for running, they would simply skip it until they have an available facility.

5. Habits of killing time 

People who wander over the Internet to search for the best new year’s resolutions guide are most likely to be waiting for the perfect carry out day, sounds relatable? There are many people who like to waste a couple of weeks or a month until the new year arrives, they think this will be the best day for a new start.  

Again if they miss out any perfect carry-out day, they would prefer to wait for the day that starts with 1 i.e. the first day of the month or week, maybe next year. Many people do rely on it but the tragic part of this is, it is such a filthy habit of killing time.

Every day is the same as the previous day with the identical sun, moon, sky, and air, it’s just the number that designs them, makes them extraordinary. Every day is the day of productivity, producibility, and creativity and you have the power to design it. 

Don’t wait for the perfect carry out day, take immediate steps.

6. You may be a member of an inactive or bragging group 

“You become your surrounding”

We have heard it thousands of times that we transform ourselves into what we see, what we hear, and whom we stay with. If you’re spending your time with negative, bragging, or toxic people most likely you would be they.

To grow in life, you need to estimate what environment you possess. What kind of people do you stay with? When you surround yourself with the people who determine the quality which you want to achieve, it helps you to achieve or be what you want to be.  

If you’re a member of the inactive group then just stop being with them. Be more of actions rather than words and don’t imitate what they used to do because it won’t help you in any manner and it could again be the reason why your new year’s resolutions fail.

7. You might don’t have definite goals that can help you to be enthusiastic and motivated

Some people get excited when the time of the new year comes because they have heard that it’s the time of new starts or opening. Even though not possessing any kind of passion, the ideas of new starts agitate them. 

The lack of goals and objectives doesn’t take much time to vanish away the enthusiasm and motivation of the people. If you’re desiring to make a big change and aspire to be like the person you adore, you must have a definite goal. 

Discovering your true self and having some meaningful and realistic goals helps you to be motivated and you don’t become a resolution breaker.

8. Do you track your activity and progress? 

After making a captivating resolution and working on them for days, weeks, or months do you track how far you have made progress? If not, it wouldn’t be worth doing it. The advantage of tracking progress is you can reward yourself after having stupendous achievements.  

You feel outstanding when you put a tick mark next to the to-do tasks you’ve completed and you figure out your working efficiency. If you don’t track your work, you indeed don’t have any record of what you’re doing whether it is productive or worthless. 

It becomes easier with your short-term goals achievements to estimate how closer you have reached to your long-term goals achievements. So tracking your activities is as vital as practicing any activity. 

Any of these could be a reason why your new year’s resolutions fail. But now you can save yourself from being a resolution breaker.

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