11 Best Time Management tips to Avoid Procrastination

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Avoid procrastination and being productive for a longer period of time is a very hard thing in most people’s lives. Everyone should learn to manage their time rather than wasting it, as time management is one of the essential parts to succeed in life.

Procrastination is one of the nastiest habits people develop that really ruins their work schedules and increases work pressure. If you wanted to manage time then you must learn how to avoid procrastination. Avoiding procrastination is way harder than managing time.

Whether you’re a human or something else, we all have the same amount of limited time in a day. Neither Bill Gates nor Steve jobs have more time or any equipment to increase their work efficiency and get rich.

Time management

Benefits of time management

There are so many massive benefits of time management that not only help you to be punctual but also improves your reputation. The person who effectively manages their time lives a valuable and profitable life.

  • It helps you to increase your productivity and efficiency.
  • It helps you to reduce workload and stress.
  • It helps you to do your work on time.
  • It helps you to give feedback to yourself.
  • It helps you to do more and achieve more.

How to manage time?

It should be how to manage yourself because you can not manage time. If you work according to the schedule you have made then you’ll never regret it. You have to manage things and your time will be managed.

Avoid procrastination

Always doing some work or being busy cannot be productive everytime. Let’s look at some of the important points to learn how to manage time and follow these tips to avoid procrastination.

1. Make a To-do list every day

If you already know where to go or what to do, why you’ll try every option or you’ll try nothing in the sake of fear. A roadmap or blueprint helps you to figure out such problems.

Start managing your day today and you’ll find your managed life tomorrow. So, it is very important to know what you’ll do to save your time and this can be done perfectly by making a to-do list.

Making a to-do list is crucial for every day, by doing so you can create a proper target and work on them. Spend a few minutes to plan your day and you’ll save many minutes of procrastination.

2. Set definite goals

Goals are for a long time which you distribute into parts to achieve easily. If you follow the to-do list, it will become a little easier for you to achieve your goals faster.

Knowing your purpose can help you to maximize your productivity and efficiency. It helps you to make a proper to-do list to achieve it in short term.

Before deciding objectives, you’ve to go inside ask yourself whether you’re willing to work for achievement or not because you can never be successful without time management.

3. Use Quadrant method

Sometimes you cannot do everything, that’s why it is important to prioritize your tasks. The quadrant method is an effective way that helps you to prioritize your works.

This method is all about giving more time to the most important works and then do other non-important work by doing so, you’ll feel more confident and energized throughout the day.

The quadrant method is easy to use, you just need to follow the table given below to avoid procrastination.

Quadrant method for time management

4. Reduce time limit but don’t skip your work

It often happens we try to be productive but we can’t and then we usually don’t follow the routine. It happens with many of us when we, unfortunately, don’t get up or reach the destination on time.

If unfortunately, you’re not on time or on the place where you are supposed to be then don’t skip your tasks. It can ruin your whole day, makes you feel unworthy, and increase the chances of procrastination.

Just reduce the time limit of the work because a few minutes of work is better than zero minutes of work.

5. Avoid Unnecessary thinking

Overthinking or thinking unnecessarily is very common in every human. People mostly dwell on the things that have already happened and give very little attention to their present which affects their future badly.

Thinking is not bad but it is bad when you waste time thinking about unnecessary things. Life goes on whether things happen with joy or sorrow. You should not worry about thinking about the past.

If you’re overthinking say Pause to yourself, ask yourself what and why are you thinking on such topics. Is it going to be beneficial or harmful to your mental health?

6. Track your working efficiency and time

When you’re pursuing time management, this is very important to know whether you’re are giving much time to the less important work or less time to the more important works.

Start tracking your work, and see how successfully you’re utilizing your time on every chore you do. This will help you to maximize your productivity.

There are many apps available on the Play Store that will help you to track your time. Check whether you’re spending more time on one particular work or spending less.

7. Set deadlines for each work

Time management consists of many important factors in which deadline is the most in them. Setting up deadlines is crucial for every work because it is not good to stick with only one work for so long.

If you don’t set deadlines, it might be harder for you to track your efficiency and productivity. It will also be harder for you to complete your works on time.

If you set deadlines for each and every chore, it’ll be easier for you to manage time and you’ll be more productive.

8. Learn to take breaks

Constantly working may lead to severe problems like headaches and mental disorders. Taking regular breaks helps you relax your mind as well as your body.

Take a break after every 45 minutes of work. It helps you to freshen up and reduce workload or stress. It is not good for your health to work as a rat the whole day without taking rest.

9. Say No to multitasking

You may have heard a quote “The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither.” Don’t train your brain to do tasks more than two so that you can avoid procrastination and distractions.

Multitasking is not beneficial, it takes more time and energy to get completed. It also distributes your focus and surpasses the deadline.

It is said by the scientists that our brain can concentrate only 45 minutes on any tasks and after that, it starts losing concentration.

10. Say no to Distraction

Distraction can come through anything, we know that circumstances are not in our hands, and because of this(circumstances), we can not stop doing our work.

A lot of people have the problem of procrastination and distraction, that’s why you should block your distractions i.e. put your phone away or turn off social media notifications.

Create a separate workspace in a neat and clean environment. Where the probability of procrastination is less or people can distract you less.

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11. Be honest

Be honest not only with yourself but also with nature and it’s people. You’re not fooling the world but yourself and stop sticking with bed and start living the world.

Because if you start being honest, time will manage every good fortune for you. You’re the master of your mind and you know very well how to handle it, use your brain as your weapon.

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