7 Things people should let up immediately to succeed

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Things people should let up

Every individual desires to have a life full of luxury, happiness, peace, and fulfillment. But no one actually knows how to acquire unless they don’t try new things. There are many things people should let up, let go, and move on. We are emotional fools, our heart melts when we see something relatable. We rumble up by the things we don’t like and we rely on motivation for success and achievements, don’t we? 

To achieve something, we constantly struggle to make ourselves motivated towards our goals and we end up relying on motivation for success. The method which you apply to achieve success doesn’t really work every time. Because there are many reasons behind it, here are some. 

1.You don’t know what are the things that work for you because you’re unspecified to yourself. 

2. You copy others’ ideas and methods which don’t suit your way. 

3. You don’t struggle to dig out your wants and desires but you struggle to follow other’s methods and ideas. 

4. You struggle for appreciation and acceptance in society more than making yourself satisfied by accomplishing desires.

5. You don’t really know what to do, you don’t have definite goals and you’re mostly confused. 

6. After the temporary disappointment or failure, you fear trying new things.

7. As your problems are not the same as others, so the solutions can’t be the same but you prefer ask others to offer solutions. 

There are more according to your condition but the above facts are prior prominent. Now, you have got some idea that how people mostly fail because of the above reason. Still, there are many things that people should let up but here we will look at the most prominent things. 

Here are the 7 things that people should let up or let go of immediately.

1.Stop relying on motivation for success

You curse, blame, or criticize someone when you find them wasting your time because you believe that you should utilize your time as much as you can. But do you curse yourself when you waste your time even after knowing that you’re doing something you were not supposed to do? Of course, no one can curse themselves but can feel guilty, so as you. 

Relying on motivation for success or achievement is one of the things that you must quit right now. Once you start swallowing motivation to do any work, you would get habituated towards it. Then it would become harder for you to be motivated towards your goal.

There are so many people who watch motivational videos, listen to podcasts, or read articles to keep themselves motivated. Look, this is not bad at all unless it is not an addiction. But you need to notice one thing that is, what if one day there would not be any source to this motivational stuff, would you just keep waiting for that? 

No, you can’t wait and you wouldn’t even like to wait. But if you totally rely on motivation for success, you would get addicted to it and most importantly you would not do anything without motivational stuff. Watching motivational video is a kind of distraction itself, ask me how? 

You would either keep watching motivational videos and put off your work for another day or you just keep scrolling and when you find something interesting, you can’t resist your feeling to watch it as soon as possible. You must not rely on motivation every time and should let up immediately. 

2. Chasing fantasy, expecting reality 

We live in a world where millions and millions of people chase fantasy and expect reality in return. People are playing fantasy characters, waiting for the day when the magic will happen. People think that like a movies, their life would take a turn into miraculous world ignoring the fact that miracle happen in stuff like movies only.

But when you come to the reality you realize that you were one of those goofy who made excuses whenever need to work. People expect the right time to perform with the best potential, until then they wait, but the right time never comes. Still, many people won’t accept their faults they made and won’t try anything to rectify.

This fantasy game can ruin you inside out and leaves you scattered. For example, there are many people who follow a fantasy character whom they want to be their mate. Because every person with whom they met was either uncaring, cheater, liar, or boring. But expecting a fantasy mate is totally foolish because when you see any person like your fantasy mate, in reality, they are not what you’ve expected. 

It is never guaranteed that your expectations would be a precise reality. There are more examples of fantasy chasing people but the question here is “Are you one of them?” If yes, then you need to bring yourself to reality and you should let up these things. 

Therefore, stop dreaming about fantasy things and chasing them, these things keep you away from your responsibilities and obligations. There are more similar bad things that people should let up and work towards achievements. Find out your purpose and work hard to make your desires an achievement.

3. Caring about what other people would think

You care about what other people would think about you if you do something uncommon. It is because you’re suppressed under assumptions that people would think about you, where in reality, no one cares, apart from your family members or any close one, whether you live or die. 

Nobody cares, not even you unless you or they don’t have a personal motive to care. Do you think that there are people who will react to your judgment or they care about what you say about them? Ask yourself “Is there anyone who cares about what I think of them?” The foremost answer would be “no one” unless the person is very much important to you, no one really cares. 

Many people have the habit of comparing things and similar highly ineffective habits like this. Comparing things is way more disappointing, whether the comparison is between you and others, great personalities, things, places, and more. When you compare yourself with others, you usually compare with those who are less capable than you and you think you are superior. 

When you compare yourself to those who are more capable than you then you feel unworthy of yourself. This comparison habit comes with a great disadvantage. The disadvantage is 

1.When you compare yourself with a less capable person, you think great of yourself, ignore your weakness, and stop working on them. 

2. When you compare yourself to a capable person than you, you might feel jealous and ruin your mood over this. 

In the society where you live, there are people with their desires, goals, objectives, and motives. There’s no one sitting around you to keep eyes on you, judge you, or review you. Maybe they can criticize you for what you’re doing as it is human nature and everybody does it. 

4. Following short term pleasures blindly 

Do you think watching videos for entertainment, gossiping, hanging out for no reason, texting random people, scrolling news feed consecutively, and daydreaming are the pleasurable things maintained in you for long-term? Short term pleasures are good unless they dominate the long term pleasure. 

There are more activities you do to squeeze out short-term happiness on daily basis and this keeps you away from facing the truth and struggle of life. When you realize that you were relying on short term happiness for long term pleasures, you panic and look for someone to help you. 

A person usually focuses on short-term pleasure when they are not aware of themselves i.e. what they want to achieve, what they want to become, or how they should work for self-growth. One needs to ask themselves self-analysis questions and try to find out the motive of their presence. Help yourself by analyzing, it will help you to be motivated and work for long term pleasures. 

Ultimately, terminate all those activities and habits you do to escape from duties and responsibilities. Engage yourself with those activities that guarantee you long term pleasures. Don’t focus on cool people who don’t usually do productive things but show off and influence others to watch them appreciatively. 

There are many people blindly following short term pleasures and ignore the hard work behind the long term pleasures. These followers will suggest you become a follower like them but the reality is harsh than it seems. You have a limited number of hours in a day, can you afford to waste your time by participating in the activity that others suggest to you? 

5. Screwing yourself for happiness

Life doesn’t revolve around happiness, it is all about adding values, struggle, learn, and experience new things. There are multiple things that have nothing to do with happiness or any kind of it but still, we experience that and go through that. 

People struggle to live a happy life and they want happiness in every single thing. They find happiness behind every action they do, every choice they made, and every relationship they build. Look, it is really good to be happy all the time, make others happy, or find happiness everywhere. But one thing that people should let up here is screwing themselves for happiness. 

Have you ever thought of the things that make you happy but deep down not satisfied? Generally, people think happiness is having a lot of money, appreciation in society, going to parties or trips, watching movies and TV shows, a stressless and cozy life, do less and achieve more. But nothing comes without effort,  hurdles, stress, and difficulty. 

The above passage simply means if you thinking of happiness before doing every work, you may fail to achieve because you need to think of the hard work behind every achievement. You should not run after happiness if you do, do you know what you’ll achieve? You’ll achieve disappointment and dissatisfaction because the things that worked for happiness would stop working anymore. 

Nothing remains the same as it used to be before. You would screw yourself every day because it makes you happy when you see other people happy. Instead of working for happiness, work for self-growth, self-worth, and self-esteem. Happiness doesn’t last long, you need to keep trying new things to make yourself satisfied with your actions. 

6. Let go of past, move on

For us, past is only a memory and when you think of the future it is only a thought. Now you can’t do anything to change the past and you do not know what the future is going to be. The only thing that’s there in your hand is present and if you do your present best, you’ll have a better past and a great future, isn’t it? 

Past is not there anymore with you and if you talk about memories, it gets fade away eventually. If you think that past was good and you would like to go back then you are scaring from the reality of life. People recall their childhood memories and think that it would be great if they get a chance to go back to childhood. In reality, these types of people are afraid of face the difficulty and struggle of life. They want to run away from the duties, responsibilities, and obligations. 

If you ask the people who have a difficult past filled with adversities, setbacks, poverty, and criticism they would never wish to go back in the past again. Some people even get angry remembering how bad happened to them at some point in their life ignoring the fact that nothing remained the same, not even they itself. Everything including your thoughts, knowledge, and opinions changes. 

Try to move on, let go whatever want to go because people come into your life to teach you, add some values, give you great lessons and then disappear like they never existed. Think about the opportunity that you have in your present. Don’t get distracted and save your time. Make yourself eager to learn new things and learn about time management, personal development, and self-growth. 

7. Never fight to prove yourself

At a very early age, I’ve learned that whenever I tried to fight back with anyone to prove my opinion or thoughts, I always got hurt and sad. Because there are hundreds of thousands of people with different types of opinions and beliefs. And everyone can’t have the same thoughts. There will always be someone or maybe more to oppose you or resist you. 

The more you offer them your attention, the more it disappoint you. Many people face this problem at some point in their lives and if they keep proving them to others, they would never be happy with themselves. Nowadays, fighting to prove is a type of debates normal to us, as we have so many social media platforms. People prefer to participate in debates and waste their precious time with the things that has nothing to do with them. 

You can take a look at how people get into online debates to ruin their personal lives. Don’t participate in debates that has nothing to do with you personally. These debates would not make you special in the eyes of the world, neither it would change the way people treat you. But it can be change when you do something to prove yourself that you’re capable and can do whatever you can think of. 

While moving towards your goals, you’ll get rejections and many failures but never treat them as your enemy. Because these failures and rejections make you stronger and powerful so that you can work even more harder. Don’t be the one who thinks that they are worthless and can never be what they have wished, if you say this it means you accepted your circumstances and won’t do any change to bring a new change. 

These are some most important things that people should let up and think about to move forth. I hope it has helped you and if you feel any of the points then help other people also by sharing them with those who need it. 


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