A Successful man is made up of 99 Failure

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Would you agree with the statement a successful man is made up of 99 failure attempts? Of course, you would because there are so many examples that show that the destination of success is made up of stairs of failure.

Do you know why the majority of people fail? Through some analysis, it shows that people fail because they don’t know what they want. Most people in this world are doing something which has a reputation and appreciation in society.

It’s a duty to us to find what we are meant to do but because of the false learning from society, people end up imitating others. That’s why those who make huge efforts in the rat race stand in front of the line and those who make less effort stand in the end.

Don’t underestimate failure

Don’t underestimate failure because success knows how important is it to be a part of the failure. You must have heard a great name “Thomas A. Edison”. He had failed more than three thousand times but he didn’t give up. But a normal person after trying two-three times give up so easily.

The people who give up easily after some temporary defeat have mentally accepted the permanent failure. Failure is a major part of success and accomplishments. Successful man praises those 99 failed methods because they knew that failure tests their strength to make them ready for success.

Let me share with you one of the major causes of the failure. Normal people who don’t have a definite goal but a duplicate goal, if he fails perhaps, he would change his goal and again he has to start from zero.

He will change his goal until he doesn’t succeed and if he doesn’t succeed, he would again change his goal and start from zero which defines his certain failure.

Accept failure and move forth

Accepting failure doesn’t mean that you would not try then or you would stop dreaming about success. In our childhood, everyone is introduced to success, ask me how?

If you ask a five-year-old child what he wants to be when he grows up, their reply would be either singer, doctor, engineer, or actor, etc. while the same child is not introduced to failure.

Everyone offers you advice on what you should do but no one will advise you on what to do when you fail. Because everyone has an expectation of success which is uncertain but no one expects failure which is certain. If you’re on the journey of learning about success don’t ignore failure.

Failure is not when you try something and fail to acquire it but it is when you have to work to pay bills the whole life and don’t like the job.

Failure is when you deny working for success anymore losing all hope. Failure is when you do the things or job forcefully to fulfill something. If you think that failure is a state of lack of money then you are wrong.

How failure serves people?

When suffered from failure, people used to say that they were not fortunate enough to be on the list of successful people. It mostly because they were unaware of their responsibilities, unappreciative of their loved one, and ungrateful for their life.

1.Failure teaches you how to stand strong, find opportunities in disgust, keep working, don’t give up, and build strength.

2. It teaches you to appreciate, praise, love, and be grateful for what you already have. When you’ll lose those things, you will not get a chance to ask for forgiveness.

3. It teaches you how to find confidence, strength, and fight back for the things that don’t let you sleep(dreams).

4. It makes you stronger and gives you the priceless experience that you can never have without having it.

5. It teaches you the truth behind the scenes, opportunities, and the hidden possibility.

6. If you are willing to accept temporary failure then you have already accepted permanent failure.

7. It teaches you to get up consecutively and make one more attempt to fall unless you reach the destination.

8. It teaches you to find out the hidden power and potential inside you.

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