Seeking appreciation is the root problem of low self-worth

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Low self-worth

We all have had through a situation where we feel we have low self-worth. We run after other’s approvals and struggle for self-worth. Sometimes the positive affirmations for self-worth stop working and make us feel unworthy. 

Actually, in our society, inside the head of most humans, the definition of self-worth is wrong. People think that others will value them only when they prove themselves that they deserve to be on top. 

They think that they have very low self-worth and unless they don’t have other’s approval, they won’t stop proving themselves. When a handful of people give them confirmation about their self-worth, they feel happiness and superiority. 

Everybody desire to be on Top 

Every person has a desire, at least once in their life, to be a popular person and liked by everyone. Now, as we have so many social media platforms, people do things to make some followers and fans, get their approvals. The desire to be treated by them as an ideal makes them waste their time and energy. 

Maybe someone will come to show you your self-worth for short term after that they have an option to disappear which is more disappointing than their acceptance. But one thing you must learn, no one is interested to make you aware of your worth because they have too many things to do, to be on top like you.

You start admiring the person who looks attractive and impressive and wants to be like them or adored by them. But like a beautiful house, you can’t depict it’s inner quality, you can’t depict a person’s quality at first glance and create false assumptions about them. The way you wish to be treated as a unique personality, many people have the same desire.

Analyze behind the scene

Sometimes people proclaim to be different from others in perspective, taste, and interest. This fact is not wrong until the motive of the speaker depicts their intention. They don’t participate intentionally in every fact because they know that it won’t make them unique anymore. 

You must have come across a person who says that their perspective is different and they hold a special position in many hearts. But you need to be smart enough to understand behind the scenes. 

Every assumption you are creating about the person you admire can’t be true. If you know any close one whom you hang out with on a regular basis, you would know how they brag about themselves. They think they are cool and unique and they may pretend not to participate in every fact.

Think about the people who say I’ve more knowledge than you do and that’s why they deserve to be on top. Are they deserve for imagining things better than you which is equal to do nothing? Don’t ruin yourself because of boastful people and try to be a good observer and analyze everything. 

Practice the importance of self-worth 

Are you unhappy because of low self-worth? Like others, you would not wish to die seeking appreciation. Instead of focusing on other’s attention and opinions, you should focus on your ‘self’. You should ask yourself what interests you, what matters to you, what doesn’t interests you? 

After the above self analysis question, one more question must have appeared in your mind that is how to build self-worth? You were not born with low self-worth and you don’t have to really prove your worth. You have to prove yourself the ability to do things better than you used to do before. 

Don’t depend on other people to find out your self-worth. There’s no need to mention that the person who brags about himself, don’t do much in life and the person who does something, doesn’t have time for bragging.

Develop a rich relationship with your ‘self’ 

We are very unknown to ourselves, sometimes we can’t even answer our own opinion confidently, and whenever we give opinions either we were inspired by someone or guessed. There are so many people who can’t define their goals and objectives, get stuck because of this issue in life. Do you want to be one of them? 

No, you would never want to be like them. So, you must build a concrete relationship with yourself. For instance, before establishing a good relationship with someone, you must know about yourself. To maintain a good and long-lasting relationship, you need to give chances to your partner to understand you. And this can only happen when you know about yourself. 

So, you must have got the idea of how important it is to build a rich relationship with yourself first. You experience many things than you observe but your mind remembers only some. And you mostly rely on others to feed you what is around you. Your mind is your partner, you have to make it understand what is wrong and right because it just observes the things which are not enough.

Say no to other’s Approval 

It’s good to have people’s opinions, appreciation, and admiration for yourself. But to earn this, you don’t have to replace yourself with others. The habit of seeking appreciation can harm you badly when it won’t work. 

Ask yourself at what depth you have gone to prove your worthiness? Why do you compare yourself to the person who is more capable than you? When do you do this the most? Your answer would be most probably when you feel jealous of someone, when you find someone better than you, want to impress someone, or to be special in someone’s eyes. 

As you can’t judge the book by its cover, you can’t depict anyone’s worth by glimpse and there’s nothing like low self-worth because you know you can be the best of you. Be what you are in the best version and you would not need any approval then, seems easy? 

Start being honest with yourself and find out what’s right for you? When you will be self-aware, you’ll learn about your behavior that makes you feel good or bad. You would not need anyone anymore to seek advice for the decision you make. You would not only be self-aware but also self-esteem and self-reliance. 

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