7 Best Resources to Learn English Faster

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resources to learn english faster

If you don’t have a good resource for learning English, it could be like an anguished battlefield where different words hit you consecutively but we have a few brilliant resources you can use to learn English faster. 

We already know that language reaches proficiency when one not only practices reading but also speaking and listening. If you aren’t making progress then there’s a problem in your resources from where you’re learning English. The problem could be either your resources are tiresome and dryasdust or perhaps you might not have encountered the right ones. 

To vanish your problem we have 7 best as well as free resources to learn English. Furthermore, you don’t have to dedicate your day entirely to it. These resources are the joyable and easy way by which you can learn English faster.  

1. TEDx talks 

Being an internet user, you will absolutely be familiar with watching videos on different platforms. TEDx talks is an incredible resource to learn English thereby you can expertise your reading and listening ability. This platform provides you with tons of free inspirational and informative videos that doesn’t only assist people to learn English but also furnishes knowledge on different topics. 

Listening is equally important while learning a language wherein TEDx talks, you can listen and understand the speaker clearly by reading the subtitle of the video, isn’t it amazing? Astonishingly, it won’t take much of your time rather than 20-30 minutes. Furthermore, watching an overseas speaker will introduce you to a different accent and the correct way of pronouncing phrases. 

2. Learn English with TV series 

What could be more interesting than learning a language just by watching series and movies? There are various programs and courses that offer you learn English watching videos in which Learn English with TV series is the most popular language-learning platform, offers free as well as paid courses. 

This could be another fun way or resource to learn English for you. In the respective program, you get videos of the most popular TV series that vary 10-20 minutes. You get a clear explanation of dialogues of casts and clear meanings of the words used in the video which makes you learn English faster. Now, nothing should stop you from joining this. 

3. ETJ English 

It is one of my favorites resources for learning English. Practicing doesn’t work well when you don’t know about the correct pronunciation and intonation of the words. Incorrect pronunciation can precisely vanish your established impression in minutes. But here, in the ETJ English channel, you can master pronunciation with very little effort.

The respective channel also offers you to learn the alternative words of the phrases you use in your daily life. That can help you embellish your personality and impersonate your profile in an extraordinary manner. There are hundreds of videos available for free on the channel but you can also buy paid courses for intensive learning. 

4. English with Lucy

English with Lucy is another wonderful resource you can use to learn English. In the following channel, you can learn tons of different words that can be used in different situations like informal and formal. Here you will get so many different tips and techniques to learn English faster. You can also learn the correct pronunciation of different words with different examples.

If you want to excel in pronunciation, intonation, and eager to learn complicated and alternative words that can be used daily then this channel is only for you. Vanish all your doubts about homophones and confusing words while learning English with Lucy every day. 

5. British council 

Do you know about your phase of language proficiency in English? If not then the British council helps you to figure this out effortlessly. This website helps you to master your language from beginners to advanced level with a straightforward quiz after every challenge you attempt. 

You can master listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills all together with the British council. If it is not enough then here’s more, champion your grammar, vocabulary, general, and business English that too for free. You can also prepare for exams like ILETS with the British council. 

6. BBC Learning English 

BBC Learning English is another most popular English learning website for creative learners like you. There are separate sections available for intermediate or advanced English learners. For instance, Grammer, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, distinct categories for teachers and children, and quizzes. 

Well if you get bored or exhausted from reading then you can switch to the BBC Learning English Youtube channel where you have tons of video available to watch whenever you feel like it. Without getting bored you can precisely learn English and switch to this channel according to your everyday schedule. 

7. Medium.com 

English learners hold a high possibility of developing a fascination for reading and writing regularly. In such cases, if you are already fascinated by the idea of reading and writing then you have a great platform where you can not only read about different topics of different minds but also you can write and post articles of your own. 

It will help you to enhance your writing and reading skills and you will be an advanced English Speaker as well as a writer. Fortunately, you are now aware of great resources to learn English. Keep practicing with the above-recommended channels and sites and soon you will be a brilliant English Speaker as well as Writer. 

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