11 productive things to do during quarantine

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productive things to do during quarantine


Are you struggling to find your productive version in quarantine? We all know that it doesn’t feel productive when we are stuck at home. Many of us are struggling to bring out the productive version and kill the boredom. Quarantine for any reason can’t be fun and to maintain a productive mindset we need to find out some productive things to do during quarantine. 

This quarantine period can bring great fortune to you, ask me how? Can there be anything more treasury than exploring yourself? I don’t think there’s anything more wonderful than exploring yourself as it helps you to find your interests, desires, and investments to get the better version of yourself. It also helps you to find out how and what you can do to live the life you love.

Here you will get some ideas that will help you to find out what productive things you should do in quarantine. But you should keep in mind that

1. Don’t waste your precious time on foolish things.

2. Don’t imitate things from people around you.

3. Define your things by yourself to get more benefit. 

Imitating others will not bring you a quality result which will make you disappointed soon. If you will not find any results from what you’re doing, you may suffer depression and anxiety. Make your quarantine period into a learning or other useful period because being busy is not always productive. 

To make your quarantine period productive, here are some productive things you can do in the quarantine.

1. Prepare for any entrance or competitive exam

What happens when a person is already prepared well for something? The probability of winning becomes higher, isn’t it? Therefore, you should start preparing for your academic, entrance, or other competitive exams according to your stream rather than wasting time.

Never wait for the right moment to execute your plan because the right time never comes. You must utilize your time preparing for your exams and get good marks which will help you to get into a dream college. 

2. Read books

We not only live in the physical world but also in the world of great technology. Even after being surrounded by technology, if you’re complaining about the lack of productivity ingredients like books or stuff then sorry nothing can help you. Because the world of technology provides you the required things without moving out of your home. 

Start reading books every day because it is one of the best habits to implement in your life for self-growth. It not only helps you to improve concentration and focus but also provides you much information and knowledge other than academic knowledge. It also makes you more confident and more fluent. So, start reading the books that fascinate you from today itself. 

3. Pursue online courses

There are thousands of free as well as paid courses available on the Internet. You can learn anything just by sitting at home. Building skills in the quarantine period is the best way to utilize your time. You can switch to Coursera or Udemy for courses like digital marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, and coding.

The best thing about online learning is you can switch to your courses whenever you want and without moving a single step out from your home. You can also learn other skills like playing instruments, speed reading, knitting, and calligraphy as well. There are tons of helpful things available on the Internet and YouTube that too for free of charge. 

4. Clean your space

Cleaning should be the prominent work for every individual. As we already know, an empty mind is the devil’s workshop and a messy home is a home of devils. If you let your space into a mess, you will find your things roaming and sometimes disappearing from its place which is quite disappointing.

Losing your favorite stuff can make you rude and rough and sometimes it can also be the cause of family battle. So, reorganize your space where you can sit and work peacefully. Make your day by making your bed immediately after waking up. A clean environment gives you good vibes and makes you feel terrific throughout the day. 

5. Watch movies or listen to podcasts 

You can watch movies, tv shows, web series, documentaries or listen to podcasts. Now, you might wonder how watching movies can be productive? But it is productive when you learn something great or incredible things from movies or tv shows. People react more when they get inspired by their favorite actors or actress and try to transform themselves. 

Listening to podcast early in the morning or at any time can also be very useful. There are thousands of podcasts available for free as well as paid on the Internet through which you can learn and utilize your time in a great way. It is way much better than wasting your time on random chatting with people you don’t know or scrolling the news feed. 

6. Learn a new language

Nowadays you’ll find that every sector asks for multilingual people because skill that major in language has become the trend of career today. Technology is growing rapidly in every country, by learning foreign languages people get opportunities to go abroad and widespread their networking.  

This skill actually helps you to bring out more ideas of money making online as well as offline. If you ace in any foreign language, you will have better job opportunities and chances of global reaching. There are many apps that help to learn languages easily like Duolingo, Memrise, Busuu, etc.

7. Start writing and publishing

Passionate about reading and writing? Here comes a great idea for you to start with and get the benefit out of it in the quarantine. Start building your own blogging channel and post articles. There’s no age restriction or any legal requirements but you only need to buy a good domain and hosting

There are thousands of videos available on YouTube that teach you how to write for blogs or how to be a blogger that too for free, isn’t it amazing? Start googling things smartly and you’ll find much more stuff related to blogs and blogging available for free.

8. Start doing regular exercise

Quarantine may offer you peace, relief, or silence but it becomes hard for those who live alone or far away from family, and in that case, practicing mental strength is vital. Work out or meditation even for 15 minutes is worth doing. This is the best chance to get yourself invested in some good habits and addictions like meditation, yoga, exercise, or proper diet on a daily basis.

If you are a beginner and don’t have much idea about proper exercise, yoga, or how to do meditation then you can take help from YouTube channels like yoga with kassandra, Pamela Reif, and Roberta’s gym, etc. Good wealth can only be reflected by good health, so give good attention to your health. 

9. Start building networks

Start your YouTube channel with a niche that you’re excellent or interested in. For example, make a channel that shows DIY or tutorials. You can also use the platform either to teach other people or entertain them with your creativity. 

Share your daily routine, makeup, hobbies, or cooking tips. There are tons of videos available that teach you how to start a YouTube change from scratch. You will soon have a wide network worldwide which you can use for branding, promotions, and collaborations.

10. Build new skills

Learning is always a good thing, utilize your time learning something you’ve not tried before and build your skills. You can learn video editing, photoshop, instrument, graphic designing, dancing, or singing, etc. This skill not only helps you to develop but also makes you more creative and adventurous.

Humans are more attracted to creative work than to just sit and work. Creative people need creative work so start working on skills that can help you in self-growth and self-promotion. You can also work as a freelancer or start your own business online, and more. 

11. Learn cooking

Like other things, cooking also has great advantages and you can enhance your creativity here. You can enjoy your quarantine period learning and enjoying new delicious dishes. After mastering this skill you can share your recipes and tips on your own blog or Youtube channel. 

These were some of the productive things you can do during the quarantine. Make yourself productive and pursue good habits. Take care of your mental health and also suggest these tips to your close one. I hope these suggestions have helped you find good things to do during the quarantine period.

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