How to Turn Procrastination into Anti-Procrastination

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Fighting with procrastination is not only the problem of under and over teenagers but almost every person in the world. Every person is struggling to overcome procrastination and turn it into anti-procrastination. 

You might have thought of doing something incredible but now you don’t even remember where the day is when you were supposed to do your work. But you need to learn one thing that procrastination is not with you since your birth and if you can pick it up then you can throw it up. 

People are not natural or born procrastinators but they have created some habits to procrastinate and postpone their work to another day, the day that hardly comes. Procrastination is a nasty and frustrating habit, leaves you in a comfort zone, and moves you away from success. 

We are surrounded by several types of procrastinators. Assume a class where some students and a teacher are there. The teacher asked them how many of the students think that they procrastinate? 

The teacher discovered that there were three types of students.

1.Some student doesn’t raise their hands because they thought they are not a procrastinator.

2. Some student raise their hands because they thought they are procrastinators. 

3. Some student doesn’t raise their hands because they were procrastinating while raising their hands. 

You might have figured out that many people are most likely to be the third type of above. But if you have to choose one of the three above, which one would it be? 

Here are some tips that can help you to turn procrastination into anti-procrastination. 

1.Self analysis

When a person is unaware of his/her desires, dreams, goals, or objectives then he/she would be aware of BS things that consume their lots of time in some kinds of BS apps. Like social media, they like to spend the whole day scrolling down to see who has uploaded what? 

This is obvious that when you don’t know what you want to do and achieve in life, you’ll run after something that makes you unproductive. Finding purpose and working to achieve it motivates you more towards achieving your goals. 

Therefore, if you wanted to be productive and avoid procrastination then you must have some definite goals. Analyze yourself and find out what is the thing you want and that will keep you motivated. 

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2. Develop routine

A daily routine helps you to put yourself on the right path so that you do the things that you truly want. When you were a kid, you go to bed, do your homework, play games on time. Everything you did on time because you were unaware of procrastination. 

But as an adult, to avoid stress and workload, people procrastinate more what increases their stress and pressure of work. Developing a routine, making a to-do list help you to find your productive version. It also helps you to be on time and follow deadlines.

 It is very difficult to change your activities on an intense and overcome procrastination. In that case, a 21-day challenge can help you to make yourself productive. This 21-day challenge can help you to change your procrastination into anti-procrastination.

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3. Create your working space 

One of the major causes of being a procrastinator is getting distracted by shiny things. You might proclaim that it’s not your fault if something distracts you but surely you can make yourself away from distracting stuff. 

Distraction isn’t bothering until you accept it and make yourself towards it. For instance, when you receive some notification you left your work and went there to check what it is. Here, you can’t say that it wasn’t in your hand, of course, it was. 

Create a neat, distraction-free, and calm space where you can work. Switch your mobile phone away unless you don’t finish your work. Always keep your working space neat and organized that will keep you motivated.

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4. Avoid inadequate sleep 

Some people work until late at night or like to do things that entertain them. There are numerous youngsters who don’t sleep at night for the sake of some fun that gives them short term happiness. 

This short term happiness can offer you entertainment and fun but also stress and anxiety. Inadequate or less sleep can make you mentally ill and develop mental disorders. It can change your habits completely into and develop aggressive behavior. 

Furthermore, you’ll help yourself to avoid stress by procrastinating. So, avoid taking inadequate sleep and putting yourself towards procrastination. Sleep on time and set an alarm, or tell your mom to wake you up on time. 

5. Mange your time 

Until you don’t know what are the upcoming events,  you will not prepare yourself for it. When you procrastinate you find yourself least bothered and feel that you have a lot of time but it is actually not. When the deadline passes away you rumble up and regret your decision. 

Time management helps you to prioritize your work and schedule it to avoid wasting your time. When you start your day with your prioritized work and finish it before you change your mood then it will not bother you.

It helps you to be punctual and productive at the same time. Keep a list of your chores and after completion put a tick mark to check whether you have completed your works or missed out on some of them.

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6. Stop nurturing bad habits 

Bad habits are the major causes of your procrastination, for instance, when you have a habit of waking up late you’ll probably feel lazy and unproductive. You would not even want to leave your bed because you don’t feel like doing it. 

These habits don’t make you get out of the comfort zone and you don’t like to make any changes and you got trapped into procrastination. You get attracted more towards lazy enjoyment and create bad habits to procrastinate. 

If you don’t want to waste your time and overcome procrastination then you must change your bad habits. These habits can create a reason for your failure, make you less confident and fearful in many aspects of life. 

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7. Be with active people 

The person with whom you’re spending your time, hanging out and chilling out has a great impact on your life. When you like to live with a person who only focuses on enjoyment and fun, you’ll probably be like them and turn yourself into a procrastinator. 

When you like to stay with active, enthusiastic, and positive people they will always encourage you to rock the world with your action. Active people don’t like to spend their time on useless things. 

So, start building networks and connect with active people. Take help from them and turn your procrastination into anti-procrastination. 


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