How to control your anger before it controls you

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How to control

Anger can ruin your success, relationship, and stuff that you cannot even imagine. So, you must be worried about how to control anger.

Before experimenting with anything you must tie a knot that you can’t get rid of something or someone which annoys you but definitely, you can learn to control over your reactions.

It is often found among humans that they are very prone to anger. They lose their temper easily and find themselves unable to help it. The people who get angry easily show their anger with intense reactions.

Intense anger aggravates your mental health problems and creates some serious health issues including depression, anxiety, and self-harm. Today’s generation is getting more towards an aggressive attitude on every little thing.

Those who often get very angry on small things are most likely to live alone, they do not want to take risks, do not want change in the environment and they want to see things happen according to them which is not possible.

Why you often get angry?

Do you feel that money comes to you without doing anything or knowledge starts developing inside your brain without taking any action? No, it can’t happen until and unless you do something for it.

Similarly, anger doesn’t come your way, it comes because you call them or you don’t take actions to prevent them. You may feel like you were controlling yourself in such situations but it was not your fault if you fail to control it.

Anger causes a loss in self-monitoring capacity which can lead to failure. People often express their anger orally. They shout threats and sometimes break things. If you have the habit of being angry for even small things than you can create more problems for yourself.

How anger can ruin your life?

Though anger can ruin you in many different ways and even unimaginable ways there are some major reasons which can be the cause for the disaster in your life caused by your anger.

A. It can ruin your career, relationships, and trust with others.

B. It can ruin your work and change your mindset.

C. It can completely change the way you look at others.

D. It can make you more rude, jealous, and irritated.

E. It can make things often annoying to you.

F. It can destroy your mental and even physical health.

G. It really increases your stress and anxiety.

H. It can be the cause of disputes with friends and family.

I. It can badly affect your future.

J. It can create huge unexpected losses for you.

How to control your anger?

Here’s how you can control your anger before it controls you.

A. You must recognize the warning signs before being angry with anybody.

B. Understand the situation and try to express your anger in a gentle manner. Don’t hide or dig down your feelings.

C. If you don’t take a good amount of sleep, you’ll probably be rude and sometimes irritated. This habit creates a habit of being angry about things, so you must sleep on time and avoid being angry.

D. Have you ever wondered how this anger developed inside you? This wasn’t with you since your birth but you developed it through negative people. So you must avoid being with negative people.

E. If you get often angry on something, start counting numbers from 1 to 10. Give yourself some time to think about the circumstances and you’ll probably find out the clue. This method is really helpful if you execute it correctly.

F. Take a deep breath and make a habit of doing workout and Meditation every single day.

G. Avoid being hungry for a longer time as it doesn’t take much time to convert hungry people into angry people.

H. Listen to music to calm yourself.

I. Do not talk with the person for a while whom you are angry with. This helps you to prevent a cold battle with them.

J. Put yourself in the place of the person you are arguing with so that you can understand them and your feelings more widely and find out what is wrong.

K. Don’t nurture Bad habits as they are the ones that developed anger inside you.


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L. Write your feelings on a journal which you are unable to express them. This can help you to stay out of stress and anxiety.

M. Get up early in the morning. Waking up late develops an irritating and annoying feeling inside you.

N. Talk to your friends or any person who can understand or guide you. Share your feelings and thoughts with them.

O. Learn to forgive. Forgiveness cannot change the past but can definitely improve relationships.

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