How to build a productive morning routine

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Morning routine

Success is the desire, one can find in himself and others too but this desire is accumulated by only some of us. Everybody asks for new techniques and ways to follow so that they can achieve what others have achieved. The way we all are different for each and everyone, similarly we should all have different desires, habits, morning routines, and goals. 

Now, it should not be different and unlike others, because it can’t be and it may be foolish. Having something different means having those that you truly want and don’t imitate others. You can’t have the same success routine or strategy that followed by Steve Jobs or Bill gates. 

They followed that strategy which they developed on its own because they knew what is it that works for them. Inspiration comes mostly from ideals and least from other sources. Likewise, you can take inspiration and ideas from other successful people’s morning routines. 

The question arises now on how to build your morning routine that would work perfectly. But before this, you must tie a note that people can offer you a recommendation and suggest something which you may like. The same people can’t guarantee you about the law that they followed will work for you. 

There are lots of things on the internet that suggests you an idea to have a morning routine like other great people. But the important thing is what works for you will be discovered by yourself. Here, I’ll tell you how to build a productive morning routine that works for you. 

You need to make a routine by knowing yourself that what do you want. Starting may be difficult for you but maintaining a productive morning routine will be harder. Here are some tips that can help you to make a routine. 

1.Keep a notebook

Like a book, a notebook is your best friend. You can write whatever you want there and express yourself self-esteem which is all along a great way to analyze and discover about yourself. As you can write down what are your strength, weakness, fear, and abilities. 

You can also write your goals and desires to accomplish them as soon as possible. Start writing down your routine of the day that what are the things that need to be done on regular basis, make ato-do lists of those things, and follow them up serially.

2. Need to wake up early? 

You must have heard people saying success means one needs early to rise. Many people will suggest you wake up early so that you can achieve your goals. But the reality is success is not about waking up at 4 a.m. and struggling to keep yourself awake. 

Take your time until you want, keep yourself fit and this can only happen when you will sleep well. No matter if you wake up at 4 a.m or 7 a.m. You must be enthusiastic enough to complete your work with consistency and focus. This can only happen when you sleep on time and take an accurate amount of sleep. 

3. Find your things 

When you know the things and make stuff ready for tomorrow to do your tasks the next morning, the day becomes a little less hectic and productive. Make a list in your notebook about the things like what you will do tomorrow or finish something on the following deadline. 

Whether it is going to the gym early in the morning, jogging, meditation, or book reading write down in your notebook. You must know what are the things that you should complete by tomorrow. Keep an alarm clock next to your bed to wake up early and keep the to-do list ready. 

4. Focus on Four (FoF) 

Yes, I simply call it FoF that is focused on any four of your priorities every day. That could be anything according to your condition and wants but I recommend this FoF as

1.Weekly goals

2. Health 

3. Personal development

4. Analyze yourself

These are the things that your daily routine must consist and we’ll take a look at it in detail below. It is not necessary that you must have any/all of it but it could also be reading a book in a weak, working on personal development and analyzing yourself, or teaching anyone. 

5. Daily/weekly/monthly/yearly goals 

First of all let’s understand how to define your goals on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. A daily goal could be accomplishing the tasks that you’ve mentioned in your to-do. A weekly goal could be analyzing your performance on the weekly basis and find out how much you’ve progressed. 

A monthly goal could be how many books you’ve read, movies you’ve watched, the syllabus you’ve completed, and monthly analysis. A yearly goal could be how many trips you’ve gone, what you have learned, accomplish, failed, or lost this year. 

It could be anything according to your needs, if you break down into parts like daily/weekly/monthly/yearly it will be easier for you to achieve your goals and analyze yourself. This can help you to know more about yourself as knowing yourself firmly is the greatest achievement. 

6. Health is a treasure 

As I mentioned above, health is one of our priorities and a must-add thing in our daily routine. It is very vital to know about yourself that what do you do in the day to keep yourself healthy and active. Your morning routine must consist of the elements of healthy habits like meditation or workout.

Weak mental health, as well as physical health, works like a thorn in the throne and makes you not ready for the adventure of success. So note it down what are the things you’ll do tomorrow whether you’ll eat healthy food, start a diet, or do exercise early in the morning. 

7. Work on personal development daily

Growth and development are very much important when it comes to achieve success. Many successful people say that self-education and self-growth are very much important than academics. So, your daily routine must consist of something that turns you to growth. 

Personal development is the things that need a little amount of work on a regular basis to accumulate huge development in yourself. Reach out to good books or find out any blog. You can listen to podcasts in the morning for a few minutes while doing something that doesn’t need much concentration.

8. Make good use of your phone

Do you know if your phone can ruin your day it can make too? But people tend to blame more than appreciating anything. This is you who have made yourself worthless with a phone but you can change it though. A perfect morning routine consists of a perfect arrangement of chores or any tasks. 

You can set your alarm but you end up hitting the snooze button that could be considered a problem. But inside your phone there live so many helpful things. Like there are so many apps that help you track your work and make you remind of your chores on time. You can analyze yourself using those apps and check your performance. 

9. What excites you? 

Would not you feel much excited when you’ll do your favorite things? Of course, you would be. Find out what are the things that excite you every day and start your day by doing those things. This technique will help you to be enthusiastic and motivated throughout the day. 

But it would be a foolish idea if you think of using a phone early in the morning can excite you because it can’t. For a rough idea, reading books or blogs, jogging, playing with pets, or listening to podcasts can excite you. This can help you to improve your morning routine and make you motivated.

Morning routine ideas 

1.Whether you’re a student, self-employed, entrepreneurs, or parent you must wake up before 7 a.m. As it is said by great people that quantity of sleep doesn’t matter, it’s the quality of sleep that matters. 

2. Do your workouts, jogging, or meditation regularly to make yourself fit and healthy. 

3. Listen to podcasts in whatever niche you’re interested in. 

4. Keep your room, wardrobe, study table and desks clean and organized. 

5. Finish your two to three of your most important work before the afternoon nap.

6. Follow the morning and night skincare routine as this is also a very important thing to do daily. 

7. Take a rest for a few minutes after you finish your work but remember not to stick with your phone for too long. 

8. Add some evening activities like playing outdoor games with friends or pets, reading books, or evening walks. 

9. Do the rest of your work till night with consistency and focus, don’t put your things off for tomorrow.

10. Write down your journal and plan your next day by making a to-do list again. 

11. Watch some show or series, read some articles or books, and sleep on time. 

12. Tick or cross the things to check whether you’ve finished your to-do tasks and analyze yourself. 

13. If suffering a headache while working, meditate for 10 minutes it actually works. 

14. Don’t forget to pray and express greatness for whatever you get every day. 

15. Check your emails and other notifications every day. 

16. Take out some time, at least 30 minutes,  for yourself and learn any course related to personal development, time management, marketing, finance, or stocks.

17. Text any of your friend or family member and ask them about their health and other things. 

18. Water your plants or read positive affirmations. 

19. Find out what’s trending on the internet and news updates. 

20. Track your working efficiency, good and bad habits. 

21. Drink a good amount of water daily.

22. Do your work on fresh and natural lights, don’t work on dim lights or bed. 

23. Keep your phone away or on airplane mode while working on important tasks. 

24. Have a chit chat with family every day. 

25. Spend a few minutes on social media. 


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