How journaling can help you change your life?

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how journaling can help you change your life

Do you want to change your life just by journaling every day? It sounds quite unbelievable but it is true and I have many reasons to show you how journaling can help you change your life. 

Everybody desires to have someone listen to them without having any doubt or mistrust. But in a world full of covetousness, barriers, and complications it is almost difficult to find someone who can listen to you without ensuing any against. 

I have found something which can help you advantageously in every condition of your life and that is journaling. I myself have been journaling for almost 2-3 years and it has helped me a lot to renovate myself. 

Journaling is not only a friend to you but also a way to listen to your inner and understand it too. It is hardly possible to remember any good memories or facts that come to your life but doesn’t take much time to disappear. 

People always remember negative thoughts, awful memories, and hurt themselves without attempting any action. To avoid such attempts, people need to express what’s inside them that is bothering them. For this, they obviously need someone to discuss what’s going on in there and how they feel. 

In that case, journaling would be a great idea to undertake and express what’s the matter. Unless you don’t get bothered from the inside, nothing can actually bother you from the outside.

My Journaling Story

I know it is hard to believe how journaling can you to change your life? But believe me or try it by yourself, take a 30-day journaling challenge and see the upshot and changes in your life. 

I took this challenge back in 2018 and I can undoubtedly say that it has changed my life completely. Don’t attempt the mistake to skip it without reading entirely because it can change your life too. 

I not only jot down my daily thoughts, ideas, views, or memories but also started writing poetry lately based on my life and this makes me feel more special and wonderful.

Journaling has made me more organized, punctual, cogitative, and rational. 

I jot down my to-do lists every night before I sleep and also do organized planning every week/month. This is the way I keep my event organized that makes me more productive and successful in life.

I also got to know where I’m lacking and where I need to focus more by analyzing my activities. Now you must have got some ideas on how journaling can help you to change your life.

It is just about listening and spending time with yourself without being restricted or limited. I did follow my own rules of journaling and got few benefits. But this benefit surpassed when I learned there are more advantages of daily journaling. Here are some benefits of daily journaling: 


1. It reduces stress and anxiety.

2. Improves memories, mood, and attitude.

3. Positive relation with own self.

4. Get to know more about own self.

5. Improves analyzing, thinking, and understanding ability.

6. Enhances self-awareness, self-improvement, and self-respect.

7. Eliminate self-doubt and self-loathing.


There’s no rule of journaling neither you have to follow structure or rules. It is just about writing down your thoughts inflow on whatever topic you feel like.

Make journaling a daily habit and don’t skip a single day when feeling fatigued, drowsy, or weak. Decorate your journal with beautiful decorative items and you can also use colorful pens to make it more attractive.

I would like to give you a few suggestions on how to journal or ways to journal in different manners to change your life. 

1. Pick a notebook that captivates you 

Buy a good, neat, and fresh notebook from a nearby store or purchase online right after you finish reading because I want you to start journaling from the very next day. I have one more suggestion for you that don’t wait for the right time, the day that starts from 1 i.e. on the first day of the week or month or year. 

You’re gonna regret it after waiting for a good period to start because every day is a new and fresh day, it’s just the number that designs them. If you keep waiting for the perfect time to start you would never start. 

2. Don’t expect perfection in journaling 

When we start writing a journal, we expect that we would be regular or we would write each and everything inside the journal in a clean or decorative manner. We also expect ourselves to be a beautiful screenwriter but we actually aren’t, maybe none of us. 

So, first of all, expect yourself to be imperfect in the field of journaling. Write in whatever structure, design, font, or idea that suits you in beginning and improves eventually.

3. Start with how was your day

In the beginning, ideas are hardly generated in our minds and sometimes we find ourselves clueless. So it’s better to start with writing down about how you spent your day. It would give you a great review of yourself and you’ll analyze your activity. 

By analyzing your activities, you’ll get to know more about yourself i.e. your interest, performance, and every action you do. You can also track your habits which will let you know what things you should start or stop. 

4. Question yourself 

Have you ever asked questions about yourself? The answer would be bare yes, isn’t it? Ask yourself questions and answer them, discuss why you’re for/against someone’s point. Is there anything you need to change, improve, or customize? 

Also, write about the incident that makes you think, again and again, find out what’s wrong. It helps you to figure out the actual root problem and you will become a good observer. 

5. Track your activities and analyze it

Tracking your activities and analyzing yourself is a great way to move forward towards self-improvement. You can do this while pursuing your journaling hobby. It will help you to know where you need to focus more or need to eliminate few things from your life. 

You can also track your daily diet plan, health and fitness strategy, mental health, and working efficiency. After doing this, you will find it way easier to figure out where you need what. 

6. Don’t leave your journaling after writing

Every person who journal attempts a big mistake, you know what it is? After writing their journal they leave it like they are done with their job and never gonna return to it. It is the biggest mistake in journaling and if you’re doing this, it means that you’re just wasting your precious time. 

You must revisit what you’ve written every week or month at least once. It will not only give you a flashback of everything you experience but also an aspect of looking at things with different perspectives. 

7. Gratitude, to-do, routine, or bullet journal 

If you have a busy life then start with bullet journaling. It’s all about writing down the key points that save you time and reflect much more. For a busier person, to-do list is a must. You can also make a weekly or monthly routine that includes the essentials of your life. 

Furthermore, don’t forget about gratitude journaling because this is a great way to fill positivity inside yourself. Write about what you’re grateful for, but if still clueless then here’s a bunch of questions you can add.


1. How are you feeling at the moment? 

2. What do you want the most in your life? 

3. What’s going on in your life recently and are you happy with it? 

4. Did you thank someone lately for being nicer to you? 

5. What are the 5 things you’re grateful for? 

6. List out what bothers you, makes you happy, your favorite stuff, your wishes, success, and achievements. 

7. Currently what are the things that make you happy. 

8. What are your weaknesses and why does it scare you? 

9. 5 things you love about yourself. 

10. Are you living the life you admire or it’s just totally the opposite of what you’ve thought?

11.What are the things that you want to eliminate or improve? 

12. What are the things that stop you from being you or from letting any change? 

13. What inspires or motivates you? 

14. Is there anything that makes you uninspired or worthless and why? 

15. Did you ever do any act of kindness that made a great impact on your life?

16. What are your strengths and weaknesses? 

17. Share a few facts about yourself that include embarrassing, funny, awkward, and crazy moments. 

18. Write a letter to someone who hurts, loves, or cares about you. 

19. What would you say when you meet your dream person? 

20. Did you hurt someone lately or earlier and should you apologize for what you did? 

21. What are the things you spend most of your time with?

22. What are the things you learned lately or would like to learn? 

13. What kind of person do you strive to be? 

24. What are the things of past that you would like to change? 

25. Do you hold any strategy or plan for years, months, or weeks? 

26. You have to describe yourself with 5 words, what would it be? 

27. What does life mean to you? 

28. Are you happy with your habits or does it need any modification? 

29. What are the 10 lessons you’ve learned from humanity, circumstances, adversities, life, and society? 

30. What are the wins and losses of your life? 

The journey with journaling has helped a lot of people to change their life. You can also take the 365 Days Journaling Challenge for Free and see how journaling can actually help you to change your life.

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