7 Habits of Highly Ineffective people

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Tracking your habit is a vital part of life as it helps you to know more about yourself. Your habits depict how productive or unproductive you are. You must have read the book “7 habits of highly effective people”. But here you’ll learn about the 7 habits of ineffective people.

When I was working for self-growth, I always noticed my strengths and ignored my weaknesses, and compelled to cultivate fear in the hidden corner of me. But then I focused on my habits and that made me realize more of my strengths and weaknesses. I got to know what are my ineffective habits and how can I improve them.

Habits are something that decides whether you will have a productive day or an unproductive day. There are some habits that really prevent you from achieving something great in your life. You step in the right direction when you choose habits that are good but step in wrong direction, when habits choose you because it is bad.

In the world of so much gleaming distraction that attracts us so easily. It is very difficult to maintain motivation and pursue good habits. There are many sources of distractions like surrounding actions, mobile phones, Internet, and many more which makes us sit and procrastinate the whole day.

7 habits of highly ineffective people

If you constantly feel less motivation, get distracted easily, or addicted to something then it will be very hard for you to succeed in life. But if somehow you identify the methods to motivate yourself, it can bring effective results. Therefore, it is very important to recognize the things that are killing your motivations and creating bad habits.

In order to achieve your goals in life, you have to do what is required to achieve it and for this, only your motivation and good habits will keep you on track.

Habits of highly ineffective people.

How to change habits

Here is a list containing 7 habits of highly ineffective people that can destroy motivation easily.

1. The habit of comparing to others

The habit of comparing is one of the highly ineffective habits of people that they should let up. For the sake of finding the perfect one, people grow up comparing things. People keep Comparing until they find better but they cannot find something which can satisfy their desire as things keep changing and better things keep coming.

No matter if you’re comparing your life and stuff or yourself, it is still a bad habit. If you constantly compare yourself to others, you will easily find yourself losing your motivation and disappointed. This is not only a waste of time, but it will also discourage you from working hard toward your goals.

Instead of comparing yourself to other people, find out what makes them better, and learn from them. Learning from others can really increase your motivation. Keep in touch with the people you admire and find out what they do to motivate themselves towards their work.

You may even find out what their secret to success is. Or, you may realize that some of these people are not as great as they seem to be. Surround yourself with the type of people you admire, watch their actions, and analyze what method or techniques do these people use to bring out their productive version.

2. The habit of multitasking

Multitasking sounds like a great idea if you do two or more things simultaneously. You’re not only saving your time but also doubling your productivity, lots of people make this mistake every day. You can not concentration on two things at a time as it can create a mess.

Multitasking may decrease your number of work after finishing it but it makes you slower than usual and may increase your stress. It takes a lot of energy and time for the work to be done. Furthermore, the chances of skipping other work increases because of consuming stress of two work at a time.

Multitasking is a bad habit, it distributes your focus and increases the workloads. You should focus on one particular work at a time so that the work will lead to good results. If you are working on dozens of initiatives at the same time, you will not achieve much.

You can also analyze your efficiency by comparing your working efficiency with multitasking and without multitasking. Humans are at their best when they concentrate on one thing at a time. Multitasking is one of the habits of ineffective people and if you focus more on multitask to reduce your quantity of work then you might mess up the quality of work.

3. The habit of getting distracted easily

Do you have a habit of watching Television while working or maybe you like to do homework while watching television or related stuff? This may sound like more entertaining ways to do some boring tasks. But it can be harmful to you as it kills your motivation and productivity.

We have one more popular example of distraction, here it is. If you hear your friends talking about something funny in the background, you’ll end up paying more attention to them than the work you were supposed to do. It is because you have made a habit of being lazy or uninspired.

You have cultivated your interest towards entertainment and fun. Your mind starts searching for ways to avoid working when you leave television or entertainment stuff. This stuff distracts you and forces your brain to try to focus on two or more things at once but they actually do harm.

There are distractions that you either generate by own self or it comes from other sources. The habit of accepting distractions can easily separate you from your productivity and creativity. When you get distracted from gleaming things you actually don’t bother but enjoy. So, leave these bad habits right away.

4. The habit of giving up

This is another most popular and highly ineffective habits of people. The habit of giving up easily cannot really bring any result except for sadness, disappointment and frustration. You must have heard the story “Three feet from the Gold”, where the man gave up three feet away from the gold, regret throughout his life.

A person gives up when he/she is about to reach the final destination of which everyone is guilty. One of the most common reasons why people fail is because they quit easily. After all, they are overtaken by temporary defeats. They expect relatively quick progress, and when results don’t come fast enough, they get discouraged.

We’ve all heard of success stories in which someone kept going, despite setbacks and not achieving immediate results. They are the only success achievers who earn our admiration and respect. If you want to experience a similar kind of success story, just keep going.

Many people nurture the habit of giving up too easily. A very simple instance of this phenomenon is the people who want to lose weight and then give up when they don’t see any results in the first week. We have come across the most successful people who failed many times but didn’t gave up easily and that’s what make them successful.

5. The habit of being indecisive

It takes a lot of practice to be calm and decisive because being confident in your decisions makes you very motivated to work hard and exceed expectations. You earn this habit through experiences and learning because decision making is one of the toughest thing in life.

A sound decisions can put you towards success and bring you what you want. The habit of being indecisive reaches its peak when a person tries to delay or postpone there work. Whenever a problem comes they keep delaying to solve them or they just completely ignore and cry on their unfortunate’s.

People generally find it very hard when it comes to decision-making and they try to seek advice from others. This is because they don’t trust themselves, their abilities and they are not committed to something which can make them decisive. The lack of commitment makes you indecisive, of course, will affect your performance.

It can take some practice to become more decisive, once you learn to be confident in the decisions you make, you will feel more optimistic. You should not give the right to anyone to make decisions for you because no one knows you much better than yourself. Don’t make decisions on impulse or lavishly it can cost you much.

6. The habit of perfectionism

Every time looking for perfection is not good as you can easily lose hope and you’ll face disappointment consecutively. For the sake of the perfect result, people ignore the importance of failure. Failure is part of every success story and you should not be afraid of it.

Sometimes you have to compromise with some situations. If you insist on being perfect or getting perfect results all the time, you will only end up sabotaging yourself. This will, of course, negatively affect your motivation and create a bad habit in you.

A perfectionist person is one who always find the right day or time to release their work, inspite of the fact that the right time or day never comes. If you keep waiting for the right time to do your work, you will not going to complete it ever.

This habit can make you stressed, depressed, and disappointed with yourself as too much perfectionism can bring much harm or loss to you. You should keep working toward your goals, without caring much about the right time.

7. The habit of procrastination

This habit is one of the most difficult one for a person to overcome but not really impossible because people often aren’t aware that they are procrastinating until it’s too late. As they were busy enjoying procrastination, they create a shell for themselves which makes their fear stronger.

This habit is constantly pushing you towards the comfort zone which is very hard for a person to get off it. This habit totally ruins you inside out and makes you a highly ineffective person. You can check how to turn procrastination into anti-procrastination.

To overcome this problem organize and schedule your tasks, then get things done. This can be difficult at first, even unpleasant. But if you do this, you will finish your tasks more efficiently which will reduce the pressure of your work.

So, now you are aware of the habits that can destroy your motivation, it will be easier for you to take preventative measures. And once you know how to maintain your motivation and prevent bad habits, you will increase the prospect of achieving your goals.

If you possess any of the above 7 habits of highly ineffective people, then it will create great issues for your success. Help yourself by analyzing your habits and also help others by suggesting them some guides and cautions.

Reference: 15 Ways to Avoid Distractions and Stay Focused

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