Ask these Self-Analysis Questions for Personal Growth

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The accurate self-analysis results in the discovery of the hidden potential that can bring great changes to your life. Self-Analysis discloses how much you have done, how much do you want and how many did you get? 

There are many more self-analysis questions one can ask himself to figure out. But here are some of the most prominent questions that everyone should take a look at. 

Self-analysis questions for Personal excellence

1. Do I have any goal or desire for which I mean to be here in the world and willing to pay for it to achieve. If not, then what’s the motive of being there?

2. Do I have the ability of intense decision making and if not, then how do develop it? 

3. Do I follow good habits daily to improve my personality, enhance my inner intelligence and ability? 

4. How I can manage myself according to time, to make myself more efficient and productive.

5. Have I permitted myself to live with the fear and kill my confidence?

Self-analysis questions for past years 

1. How much progress did I brought up for the last 5 years? 

2. How many things did I accomplished from my past years?

3. Did I do any mischievous to anyone and should I apologize before it’s too late? 

4. Am I more productive, efficient, and hard-working compared to the past years? 

5. Is there anything I’m missing out that I should have already done? 

Self-analysis questions for time management

1. Am I punctual enough, finishing my work on time and following the deadline? 

2. Do I permit myself to procrastinate and put things off for another day? 

3. Have I developed any routine and make to-do daily not to miss out on any important chores. 

4. Am I consistent in doing my work and persistently follow my routine?

5. Do I waste my time on online arguments and participate in debates which has nothing to do with my life? 

Self-analysis questions for personal development

1. Am I being honest with myself while working on something or answering questions?

2. Do I accept my fault and apologize promptly or deny my fault and blame others?

3. Do I make a perfect weekly plan or I failed to execute my plans perfectly?

4. Am I afraid to make any change in my life and if so, what is making me feel scared and why?

5. Am I scared of attempting any change and get out of comfort zone of life? 

Self-analysis questions for Health care

1. Do I work out every day to make myself ready for upcoming challenges?

2. Do I eat healthy food to be fresh and energized the whole day? 

3. Do I follow a healthy diet on the regular basis or am I relying on junk food and making myself lazy and less active? 

4. Am I making myself a night owl on foolish stuff like late-night chats and movies? 

5. Do I sleep on time and get adequate sleep at night? 


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