20 lessons from “The little black book of Stunning Success”

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The little black book of stunning success, sold over 15 million worldwide, is written by Robin Sharma. The book title implies the idea that deals with the success secrets and life lessons, everyone should cultivate in their life to be successful.

Every book tells about the idea of growth and gives some life lessons which you can implement to face hardships confidently. In the book, Robin Sharma has explained every little ladder of success one needs to climb. You’ll find almost every single success-stair guidance you need to become successful.

Let’s elaborate some of the great life lessons from the following book.

1.Your hard works are stairs to your destination. The more you work hard, the more your access to the destination increases. It takes a lot of hard work, strength, and efforts to climb up the stairs of success but it doesn’t take more than minutes to fall down a step.

2. People use to see others through the eyes of their own anger, fear, and limitation but the best leaders see them through the eyes of understanding.

3. People can use the success statement or affirmation to get their minds motivated and focused on their works.

4. Stunning success in business doesn’t come by luck. It comes when you invest either your time and energy doing hard work.

5. You live in the limits of the world because you’ve created a vision that is limited. Your perceived limitations become the chains that keep you from the greatness you were meant to be.

6. As thinking shapes reality, there is nothing that you think about and cannot achieve.

7. The more you give to life, the more it gives to you. So, pay more attention to your life rather than other things or people.

8. Just because life is so unpredictable doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise your power to do your best. Never give up.

9. One of the primary reasons for most successful people is they have a clear picture of what it is they want to create by the time they reach the end of their lives and then they have the discipline to stick to their mission.

10. You’ll never go higher than your thinking because a human being can never act in a way bigger than his thoughts.

11. The people you associate with and the conversations you have profoundly shape your thinking and actions. You become your surroundings, so choose them well and be with great people to become a great person.

12. You must be willing to take risks to reach your personal mountaintop and your authentic definition of success.

13. Take the risk to get something either failure, success, or lessons but don’t agree to be disappointed by not trying.

14. Don’t run away from what will help you to grow and to step into your greatness, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel.

15. Unless you are willing to empty the cup that is already full, no more can enter and you might miss out your greatest possibilities.

16. The relationship that tests, frustrates, or irritates you the most, is actually one of your greatest blessings. Because it reveals to you the very beliefs, fear, and false assumptions that limit you.

17. The stuff that makes you feel uncomfortable today makes you stronger tomorrow. And the things that are hard to do help you get to your authentic power.

18. You can either have your excuses or your results, but you cannot have both at a time.

19. Every time you hide your fear, it gets stronger. Every time you postpone your work, the universe creates more space between you and your work.

20. To be a great person, you should be a brilliant listener.


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