15+ ways to Avoid Distractions and Stay Focused

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avoid distractions and stay focused

Working with focus and concentration sounds simple but isn’t. It is way harder to avoid distractions and stay focused because of growing technologies which are the main cause of distraction.

In this growing age with new technologies, we are getting busier as we grow older and walk ages struggling because of distractions.

Distraction occurs not only because of your phone, surroundings, people, or objects but also because of thoughts that occur in your mind. These thoughts not only distract you from doing your work but also causes mental disturbances like mood swings, anxiety, depression, and ultimately disappointments. 

To avoid distractions and stay focused, the first thing we need to do is find out the causes of distractions and find out the actual reasons behind it. It will help you to find out the solutions easily. Until and unless you don’t know the cause, you’ll not be able to find the solution for it.

Here are four main causes of distractions.

1. Staying with negative people

Great people have mentioned many times that “you become your surroundings.” It is very important to notice in which area or people you are surrounded by. If you stay in a messed or disorganized place most likely you will become lazy or mannerless. 

People who live with negative people are most likely to become like them. Negative people put off their work for another time, stay lazy, and inactive. They are boastful and promote negative thoughts and actions. 

2. Social media distractions

Technology has become a big part of our daily routine. Without this, we cannot even think of a better day but it’s a great source of distraction today. If you’re using it for self-growth well n good but if you’re using it for passing your time, it’s ruining you harshly. 

There are lots of unknown emails, texts, and updates we receive and some of them have nothing to do with us but still play a major role in distractions. People stick with their phones unknowingly chatting with random people, scroll news feed, or keep watching videos over and over again. 

3. Unnecessary thoughts

Unnecessary thoughts can also cause huge distractions and prevent you from being focused on your work. We have a habit of thinking about something most of the time in our lives. This habit spurs more tension and uncertainty than usual. 

Thinking unnecessarily is the most popular among distractions. Unnecessary thoughts create more troubles, discomforts, and doubts. It also causes mental illnesses like stress and anxiety. 

4. Disorganized or untidy room

Those who study or work at home have major problems with distractions. Either they can’t concentrate on their work or other things don’t let them concentrate. Other things may include family members, outside noise of construction or vehicle, and disorganized or dirty room.

The untidy room makes you feel lazier and you keep putting off your work for other days. In an untidy or disorganized place, it is almost impossible to focus on any of your work. 


Here are some tips you can use to avoid distraction and stay focused. 

1. Sit in a clean environment

Think of coming home after being much tired and you get a peaceful, clean, and cozy environment, would not it make you feel positive and stress-less? Sitting in a clean environment makes you feel positive, enthusiastic, and fresh. 

A disorganized space does make you feel like working or studying. So always work or study in a neat and clean environment. 

2. Meditate every day 

The distraction also causes mental illnesses like stress and anxiety which prevents you from focusing on your work. Meditation helps a lot in concentration, decreases stress and anxiety. 

By practicing mindfulness you will be able to avoid distractions and stay focused. You can take help from the app Headspace

3. Be organized

Always organize your things before doing any work to prevent distraction. There will be less chance of getting up to collect any required stuff which is also a cause of distraction. So be ready with your essential things while or before working. 

4. Set up deadlines for every chore

If you do not set a time limit for your work, it is more likely that you will stick to one task for a longer period, which will make you feel tired. Therefore, always set a time limit for every chore you do.

5. Don’t put your phone around while working

Don’t put your phone on your desk, study table, or anywhere around you. Because a single call or notification is enough for you to distract. Turn off your notifications or put it in airplane mode while working or studying. 

6. Don’t work in a dark room

You might have noticed that natural light boosts up your mood and a dark room or area makes you feel tired and sleepy. A dark room doesn’t make you feel enthusiastic and energetic enough to work. So never work or study in a dark room or a dimly lighted room. 

8. Don’t work or study on your bed 

Like everyone has their purpose, things also stand with a purpose. Your bed is for your rest and sleep, not for working on it. 

If you work on the bed most likely you would feel sleepy or exhausted. So make your separate space for work or study instead of working on the bed.

9. Do one thing at a time

You must have heard the quote “The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither.” If you do two work at a time you would not give much focus to either of the works.

Give your full focus and concentration to one particular work at a time. And you’ll find that your work is done in less time with better quality.

10. Write your goals of the week and stick in front of your working space

This technique will work as a reminder for you towards your goals. If you write your goals in any notebook you will hardly open it and after some time you might forget. So stick your goals in front of your working or studying space.

11. Make a to-do list every day

Make a to-do list every day so that you won’t forget any of your important work. You can also check out at the end of the day whether you have finished all of your work or missed out on any of them.

12. Find out your top 3 priorities 

Always start your work with the most important one so that even if you went out later on somewhere or feel like not doing anymore. At least you would finish your crucial work and won’t regret that you missed out on any of your important work. 

13. Stop thinking about unnecessary things

Unnecessary thoughts are the prominent reason you either neglect doing any work or don’t feel like it. Unnecessary thoughts about relationships, work, or study can’t help you in any way. So stop thinking unnecessarily about anything. 

14. Take a break of 5 or 10 minutes after each task you complete

Take a small break after your every work so that you don’t feel tired, bored, or annoyed. You can also take a nap, which will help you to feel fresh and active.

15. Unsubscribe the channels or email that you don’t need

You decide to spend 15 minutes on YouTube videos but you end up spending hours and hours because the fascinating content attracts you. So unsubscribe not only the channels but also the distracting stuff like emails, or newsletters that you don’t need anymore. 

16. Be regular to your work

If you discontinue your work even for a day or two you won’t feel like doing it the other day. Being regular in your work helps you to avoid distractions and stay focused, makes you punctual and consistent towards your work. 

17. Stop waiting for the perfect time to reach your goal

You decide to do something incredible but you never start a single step forward towards it because you wait for the perfect time that never comes. Don’t wait for the perfect time or day to do anything rather take instant action. 

18. Learn time management

Time management is the best thing you can learn to avoid distractions. It teaches you to get more done and makes you highly efficient in managing. You will the power to control things in your life and manage time for them. 

So these were some tips you can follow to avoid distractions and stay focused. 

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