11 Extreme bad Habits of Failure

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When it comes to habits, people often ask how to change habits because it is something that determines a person’s destiny. Habits don’t seem to be an important factor for many people but it is actually.

But the question arises on what factor these successful and unsuccessful people differentiate from each other? Daily habits, yes they totally differentiate only on one particular factor and that is their habits.

You’ll notice that a successful person would have different habits than an average. It is because they pursue and nurture those habits which bring them the fruit of hard work.

Bad habits

How your habits affect your life

Your habits decide whether you’ll be successful or unsuccessful, lazy or active, poor or rich, and smart or dumb. To meet productivity and success, you don’t have to shift to another country but definitely, you will have to change your habits.

There’s no perfect man who doesn’t have a bad habit, everybody struggles because of it and if you don’t change your habit, you should not expect any change in your life.

You must have read in the book “Attitude is Everything” where Jeff Keller defines how attitude can change your life. Attitude is nothing but a reflection of your habits. If you pursue good habits you’ll definitely be what you want.

You will notice that if a person has bad habits like wasting time, getting up late, postponing works, or procrastinating daily. They never seem happy or satisfy as they like to indulge in something which makes them forget their presence so that they can hide from fear and struggle.

Habits should not be underestimated because everything depends on your habit. Here, everything means your future, success, achievements, failures, attitude, personality, and character. So, make a concrete habit which can really bring you the things you want and make a person whom you admire.

How to change habits

Importance of making good habits

Making good habits is very crucial for each and every individual. As you don’t have to set alarms to brush your teeth or to use a mobile phone, you do it because you have a strong habit towards them.

Similarly, when you create good habits you would not set alarms to go to the gym or to get up early. Also, you won’t set an alarm for your important work to be done in life or to attend any important seminar.

Any of the bad habits can have serious long term consequences. Bad habits are something like a concrete wall between you and your success.

Your good habits can be the reason for a huge opportunity for you. There are some habits which you should immediately discontinue, as they are creating a toxic and difficult situation for you and pushing you away from success. Let’s highlight the importance of habits.

  • Decreases stress
  • Increases productivity
  • Makes you creative
  • Saves your time
  • Keeps you motivated
  • Help you to reach goals
  • Develop good health

How do you deal with your bad habits?

How do you deal with negative habits like waking up late or postponing work? Do you ignore and keep going on or just being bothered by such things? It is obvious that you would be bothered if work doesn’t go according to you.

Many people when faces problem because of bad habits, they don’t deal with their problems of habits. They don’t solve them rather they place them in front of their works. This is what many people do and blame the situation.

You put yourself from one distraction to another and that’s how you’re keeping yourself away from fear, anxiety, and stress. You’re not doing yourself any favors, you’re simply saving your negativity for later. Running away from your problems can’t solve any problem.

Habits you should immediately discontinue

Here are the following habits you should immediately discontinue:

1. Stop making excuses

Regret is being a very popular subject in psychology over the last few years. Younger people regret the mistakes they made and older people regret the opportunities they missed in their life.

If you don’t want to regret in life then you must stop making excuses. Definitely, you will look back and regret it because you have not done a little more to get more. The habit of making excuses to delay your work can bring more stress and anxiety for you.

Instead of playing your roles and responsibilities, you choose the habit of making excuses every time. And that’s why you regret later and miss opportunity, so stop making excuses right away.

2. Always solve your problems

If you’re alive that means you have to go through though time, there’s no shortcuts. Life consists of a series of ups and downs, happiness and sadness, success, and defeats. Don’t you have the habit of skipping problems rather than solving them?

Instead of just skipping your problem for later, you should solve them on spot. The people who look for quick and easy fixes in life, never improve their habits, character and they don’t change much. People like more to skip their problems than solving them.

Some people try to ignore their problems so that they can hide from fear, stress, and anxiety. This habit makes a comfort zone for you and it would be harder for you to come out of it.

3. Stop working on bed

There are many of us who like to work on the bed comfortably and that is really a bad habit. If you work on the bed, there are more chances that you’ll fall and sleep.

According to psychology, the study found that 80% of young people like to work on the bed. It ruins your mental health, your work, your back, your sleep, and your hygiene.

Working from bed can not be productive or creative because they are for other purposes. You should organize a separate space for your work.

4. Stop using mobile phone too much

Don’t you use a mobile phone too much, before bed and after bed, before meals and after meals? Especially, teenagers, they stick with the phone for too long without realizing the reality inside out.

Using mobile phones is not bad but using it without limit, makes you ruin your creativity, schedule and mindset. Excessive use of mobile devastates your relationship between you and your family. It also wastes your time and fills garbage in your brain.

This addiction is constantly pushing you away from reality and success, making you more lazy and careless. You must immediately quit this habit, if you want a bright future then you must.

5. Don’t change your goals

Successful people don’t change their objectives and mindset, they change their plan or equipment to get success. People try various things but they fail immediately because instead of changing their plan, they change their goals.

Many people often change their goals if they find it difficult to achieve. But actually, you should not change your goal. Changing goals, again and again, is the prominent cause of failure.

If you’re unable to get success that doesn’t mean it wasn’t for you, maybe the plan was not sound. You can only complain or make excuses because when you consecutively keep changing your goals, you fail.

6. Stop complaining

Complain create more stress to your life, complaining is contagious. Complaining never fixes your problems or gives you an idea to make a change rather it will develop a habit of jealousy.

We live in a society where people prefer complaining about almost everything. When the weather is hot or cold they complain and they complain most in rainy seasons. But don’t forget that it will be harder for you to dig out from the mountains full of jealousy and hate.

People thinking that if they would complain about their life that how bad happens to them in front of other people, people would feel pity for them but in reality, no one likes a complain box.

7. Stop blaming others

This is another popular habit you will find in most of the people. People often blame others for their conditions because they think of themselves as the most innocent.

You should not blame others for anything because it’s you who have accepted the situation. When you accept your situation then you agree with defeats, setbacks, and misfortunes.

You can not blame others for your circumstances because you’re in charge of your own and you have taken your decisions. When you accept your comfort zone then you have no right to blame others for your defeats.

8. Stop wasting your life

Do you think you’re wasting your life? It might be something strange to say that how people can waste their life? Time is life and if you’re wasting your time that means you’re wasting your life.

Assume, if you’ve only one month to live. Will you waste a single minute of the month? No, because you can not afford to do this, you have so many dreams with less time and limits. You keep saying that you have a lot of time and you postpone your work to another day.

If you feel to do your works the next day, the universe will create more space between you and your next day. The more you waste your time, the more it wastes you.

9. Don’t be addictive to anything

Addiction offers you short term happiness and satisfaction but great pleasures require something for long periods of time. You have to make a commitment and do sacrifices to achieve something.

Addiction is actually the worst of habits, no matter what kind of addiction it is, it is bad for your mental and physical health.

Whether people are most addicted to toxic drinks like alcohol or social media, these are the only people who suffer more pain and adversities in life.

10. Don’t ignore your health

For many people maintaining a healthy body and mind doesn’t really feel like a goal. But because of your mental health, you lack much behind in life from other people.

The more you pay less attention to your health, the weaker and unhealthier habits you nurture. Don’t ignore your health, place it in your priorities because health is wealth.

Health is the major part of success, you cannot achieve anything if you’re not paying attention to your health. If you’re healthy mentally and physically then nothing can separate you from your success.

11. Stop seeking advice from everyone

If you’re asking for advice from the people you know, they would never suggest you the right one because they don’t want you to be more successful than them. But that doesn’t mean everyone is bad, it happens in some cases.

You’ll also notice that toxic people will give you suggestions and advice but nourishing people will give you the solutions and recommend you to do it by yourself. Always solve your problem with your understanding and ideas.

It is not always bad to take advice from others but as they advise you according to their own experiences, every advice is not going to work for you. So, stop always begging for advice from one or the other.

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