11 Effective ways to make Money Online/Offline

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Are you struggling to make money anywhere online/offline? There are many of us who are struggling with this problem. There are thousands of ways to make money but people are unaware of the ideas.

How to make money

How to make money is probably the most asked question among teenagers and people in/after college. Making money online is still a dream for many people around the world. There are still some people who even after struggling for so long, they could not achieve, which they have wished. If somehow people think of making money online then they can’t take risks to compromise with their current works.

A person cannot do anything without money, and in order to earn a good amount of money, you have to devise some of the best ideas of making money. A time comes in everyone’s life when people think about how they could possibly earn money.

make money online

We all know that money demands smarter work than hard work to come to you. If you are not rich then you can never be unless you are willing to come out of your comfort zone and work for it.

You must have heard about the book “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill. This book contains a lot of secrets which can make you much smarter in the field of money-making. This book reveals every secret that how a person can make enough money. There’s so many. examples of people who were not so educated but still one of the richest and successful in human history.

Making Money Online vs Offline

Nowadays, jobs don’t pay you as much as you want and that’s the reason people try to shift their work online. Online platform has the power to make you rich in less time(if you use this platform smartly). In addition, there are many online sources that can help you to earn money.

You can easily earn cash using BIGtoken by answering surveys online or make money by promoting forex brokers. Online businesses have changed thousands of people’s lives and it can change yours too. You should not ignore any of the money-making opportunity, try everything which you possibly can.

No doubt the online platform like Google, Youtube, and Social Media is the best but the only disadvantage is, this platform work for those who work passionately and pay the price with their hard work and consistency.

Though offline money making ideas cannot make you rich quickly. People think that they are still safe and secure than online businesses. You should also concentrate on offline ventures as they too have the potentials of making you rich.

Although many people have shifted their business online there are still some people who work passionately in their favorite sectors and earn millions.

How to make money online/offline

1. Earn through Reading and Selling used Books

Book reading

You’ll now wonder, how reading can help you in making money? But it can definitely help you to earn some revenue. Don’t underestimate anything because you may don’t have much idea about it.

There are several ways to make money but because of a lack of knowledge, people fail to find the best way to make money. You can sell summaries of books and novels, or write some articles and publish them on websites.

You can also create videos, blog posts, or resell those used books at less price on Amazon or eBay. Write blog posts for others, as there are so many websites which are giving you the opportunity to write for them and earn.

2. Earn through Reviewing Products and Electronic devices

products review

Can you believe that you can earn simply by reviewing things? There are so many websites for which you can work and review things, or you can make your own website.

You can get a chance in Big advertising companies to promote their products. You can review cosmetics, furniture, electronics, gadgets, books, websites, apps, songs, and many more.

Compare things and tell people the pros and cons of the product. Share the affiliate link of the products and make huge money through it.

3. Earn through Teaching


Online teaching has become one of the best ways of sharing knowledge and information. By teaching online more than thousands of people are earning millions every month.

Online teaching has expanded more in itself and many people have grabbed this opportunity. You can teach specialized subjects, drawing, editing, digital marketing, finance management, website designing, and more.

Online teaching gives you the opportunity to teach in Big academies like Unacademy and Byju’s. There are so many options, you can teach, learn, and earn daily.

4. Earn through Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is such a huge trend in today’s world and it consists of limitless varieties like affiliate marketing, content marketing, and web development that help you to expand your marketing business. Since the era is converting more from offline to online. You’ll find that now everything is going digitally and it is one of the best careers.

Everyone is shifting their offline business to both online and offline, making millions of dollars through it every day. Modern buyers are rapidly moving toward a digital platform when it comes to research for good products and makes purchases. 

Similarly, modern sellers are moving towards establishing their digital space on the Internet to sell their products. The day is not far when digital marketing will reach its peak and everything will go online. Then everyone would struggle to be an Entrepreneur and a Solopreneur.

5. Earn through Selling Online Courses

Online selling

Creating an online course does take a lot of work but it can be a life-changing opportunity for you. The only thing you will need is to make your course attractive and profitable for people. So that they don’t regret their investment and make some profit from it.

Make sure they love the topic and information which you’re going to provide before you invest all of your time and energy. And for this, a webinar can help you take a small test and gauge your audience’s feedback.

Most of the student prefer online courses rather than going anywhere else. If you are specialized in any field then don’t wait for great fortune rather you can make huge money through selling your courses online.

6. Earn through YouTube


YouTube is the biggest platform, provides you the opportunity to earn money, no one can lack the idea to get into it. It will not ask you to buy huge and expensive equipment to work on it.

You need only a good camera phone and confidence. Just show your talent, skills, or anything that can blow up the audience’s mind. It has many benefits like you will have a great fan following, confidence in public speaking, and huge networking. 

There are many niches you can choose according to your wish. But before that, you need to stop thinking about shortcuts because even on youtube you have to work too hard to survive there.Read: How to create a youtube channel

7. Earn through Blogging or Vlogging


There are hundreds of thousands of people earning through Blogging and Vlogging. They promote their Blog on their YouTube channel and double their income. You can create various sources of income through Blogging or Vlogging and you can earn millions of dollars in less time.

There are so many websites and channels in paid/ free versions which teaches you everything about blogging. Before starting with a Blog or vlog you must learn the skills of video editing and content writing.

Many people have replaced their job with blogging and vlogging because they found it much better than their jobs. You’ll find more than thousands of people on YouTube who are earning just by sharing their daily blogs, travel videos, and life experiences.

Read: How to Start a Blog for Beginners

8. Earn through Affiliate marketing and content marketing

Affiliate marketing

Affiliation marketing is one of the most popular topics in Digital Marketing. There are more than a thousand people who earn millions of dollars through affiliate marketing. After you learn affiliate marketing step by step, you can join many affiliated programs and create links to earn money according to your niche.

Similarly, content marketing is another popular topic that comes under digital marketing. You’ll get a huge opportunity to work for companies, promote their products, or collaborate with them. You can use social media like Facebook and Instagram for fast brand awareness.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is anyone can be an affiliate marketer, no matter whether you’re a student, teacher, retired, or housewife. These two marketing are so best that you don’t have to spend money to work on it.

9. Earn through Freelancing and Fiverr


These two platforms are the best who want to do a part-time job as per their choices. Freelancing provides you the clients and job offers just by sitting home. You can comfortably stick with your favorite job in your home.

Grow your career with designing, editing, marketing, web development, and content writing skills. This app can pay you more than your job or you can do both jobs and freelancing in your spare time.

Through your coding skill, you can earn by building websites and apps for others. Choose the right niche in which you are an expert and put some efforts to promote your work. This can help you to reach more clients so that you can get more works.

10. Earning through video Animation and Photography


Animation gives you a great opportunity to grow in life not only in the film industry but also in other platforms like social media, YouTube, and more. Through animation, many people have changed their lives and many of them are millionaires today.

You might lack the talent or skills in a particular area and there’s someone opposite of you who will gladly do any work. There are many websites and Youtube channels that teach you how to edit videos like a pro. You can edit videos, Pictures for others, and earn money.

Photography is a passion for many people in the world and some of them have seized it as their job. If you’re a passionate photographer with good editing skills then you can earn money through it.


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