11 causes of failure which are holding you back?

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The biggest tragedy in life is when you try to do something by heart but fail! It happens with many people but what are the main causes of failure? This is crucial to find the cause as it helps you to find the answer of how to be successful. You cannot expect any medicine if you don’t know the disease.

The learning of failure starts with civilizations and society. But people are helpless in these topics as society or civilizations cannot change overnight. People follow what their society follows and what is being represented in front of them. This makes them learn good and bad things.

Causes of failure

No matter what you’re doing in life whether you are working to be a millionaire or successful, you will face failure. There’s no successful man or woman who hasn’t faced failure. If you examine, pretty sure you would find that there are many possibilities of failure than success.

Since your childhood, circumstances teaches you how to fail but never teach you how to be successful. It’s you who have to find ways to succeed. You may have heard the success story of many people but it doesn’t teach you how to get success.

So let’s find out what can be the main causes of failure which are holding you back in life.

How to be successful

Major causes of failure

1. Participation

How can you expect success, if you don’t participate in any challenge or war? There are many people procrastinating at home and expecting that success will come to their way on its own.

There are many people who don’t participate just to secure their fear of speaking or performance in front of others. This is a straightforward cause of your failure, you cannot expect success if you don’t take part.

A successful man was once a failure and he won because he learns many things from his failure. If you don’t participate, you neither won nor learn anything and this is one of the main causes of failure.

2. Lack of a well-defined purpose in life

It seems very easy to imagine success but much harder to work for it. There’s no hope of success for anyone without a well-defined purpose. People often use to select their objectives by looking at others, they assume that if others can do it, why they cannot?

It is very easy to copy others but very hard to be on the list of one of the successful men. There’s no hope of success for a person who doesn’t want to make changes in life as well as not willing to pay the price.

If you want success then you must find a well-defined purpose, follow it with all of your energy and diligence. Organize your space and make a sound plan which will work to bring you what you want.

3. Insufficient information and knowledge

You’ll find that most knowledgeable and talented people are self-made or self-educated. The school doesn’t provide you much information other than textbooks. Many students prefer spoon-feeding the concepts more than understanding it.

College students explore more than school students because they have understood that only textbook is not going to help them to find out the solutions of every problem.

Due to insufficient knowledge and information, people fail in life. So, one should not be completely dependent on the education system. If you’re not the topper of your school that doesn’t mean you would not be in the list of successful people.

4. Lack of self-discipline

Another main cause of failure, people don’t maintenance self-discipline and they expect success which is out of possibility. You cannot control any situations if you don’t know how to control yourself.

Re-function yourself so that you can attract success through the law of attraction. Once you have your commitment, the only thing you need is discipline and hard work to make it happen.

To prevent any of the causes of failure, you should control all the negative qualities and develop self-discipline.

5. Improper health care

If you feel low energy and stamina every time, you’ll not find yourself motivated towards your goals. It will create more troubles for you and you’ll find even things harder than it really looks.

You can not even enjoy incredible success without good health. People also fail in life because they fail in maintaining good health. Start looking forward for your good health and take it as your prior work.

People who don’t make the habit of regular exercise does not seem to be ready for success. They are more attracted to foods and enjoyment which make them more lazy and dull.

6. Being with bad people

Again there’s no hope of success for the people who were nurtured in a bad environment. Where nothing was done properly, people don’t care about respect, time management, punctuality, and hard work. But if you understand this fact then you don’t have to worry.

Bad people are more likely to be least bothered about everything. Especially, if you’re not with a good friend circle. It is very important to choose good friends that’s why you were always advised by your parents to be with good people.

You learn everything from your environment i.e. good and bad things accordingly. If you’re in an active group, most probably, you would try to dig out resources of knowledge but if you’re in a bad group, you can only make bad habits.

7. Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the popular causes of failure because everyone has a habit of procrastination. People fail mostly because they wait for the right time to come so that they can do something.

But they are not aware that the right time never comes. It’s you who have to make the right time and stay motivated throughout the day. Don’t wait for anything to come, start just after your thoughts and with whatever’s things you have.

If you’re putting off your works for another day, success is putting itself far away from you every day. So, don’t give chances to any of the causes of failure to really make you failure.

8. Fear of losing comfort zone

People don’t try new things and don’t even indulge in such types because they have a particular type of fear which is the fear of losing their comfort zone. Mostly all people fail because of this fear.

They have spiritually accepted their conditions and circumstances. If they suffer misfortunes, they easily accept it by saying that God had decided something for them.

People fail because they don’t try, not because their destiny is already decided. You are neither failure by birth nor loser by birth, it’s in your hand to put on some work to improve your conditions.

9. Bad habits

Bad habits are constantly making you lazy and careless about the things that are happening in your life. This is common in most people, are you one of them?

People who have nurtured bad habits like waking up late, wasting time, procrastinating, postponing their works, and such habits, cannot get success anyhow.

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There’s someone out there just opposite of your habits, trying to put on some work for the same goal as you have, going to get it easily. The people who are working constantly with definite goals are going to be successful.

10. Ego and vanity

If you’re thinking that after reaching the mountain of success you would achieve whatever you want, then you’re wrong. Because the environment above the mountain is not as same as the bottom, temperature, air pressure nothing is the same.

Similarly, you have to change according to the circumstances. You cannot put your ego anywhere because you can lose many things.

If you have an ego because you can imagine better success, it does not mean that it will turn into reality. You have to keep away your ego and arrogance for success and business.

11. Lack of planning

You may have great goals to achieve but do you have a great plan to achieve? Many people fail in life because they don’t have a proper plan of their objectives and they prefer to change their objectives instead of changing their plans.

The lack of planning makes you suffer more failures in life. Without planning and processing, you have zero possibility of success.

For instance, you decided to make very tasty food to eat but unfortunately, you don’t have all ingredients for it, you would definitely change the plan and make something simple. Would it be as good as your first assumptions?

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